Fioricet is a drug that is used in the treatment of tension headache, post-dural puncture headache and also muscle contraction headache. The drug is manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals and comprises of combination of different ingredients which include:

  • Acetaminophen: This is a pain reliever and also works towards the reduction of fever.
  • Butalbital: This ingredient works towards the relaxation of muscle contractions that are the root cause of tension headaches.
  • Caffeine: this is a stimulant that aids in relaxing muscle contractions in the blood vessels thereby leading to an improved flow of blood.

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Fioricet is a prescription-only medication that should only be used when a medical doctor has prescribed. This is because of the severe side effects that could result from the wrong use of the drugs. Some online pharmacies will dispense Fioricet without a prescription at a price that is lower than the price that local pharmacies sell the drug. Fioricet should only be taken when there is a need and there is, therefore, no chance where you will miss a dose. If a doctor directs on how the drug will be taken, ensure that you follow the instructions for best results.

When you decide to buy Fioricet on line, you should ensure that you buy from a reputable online pharmacy. This is the only way you can be assured of getting original medications that have the same chemical composition as the drugs sold in local pharmacies. You should read the reviews that have been submitted by customers before making the purchase so that you can gauge the quality of medications that are sold at the pharmacy. If most of the reviews are negative, it is possible that the pharmacy sells ineffective medications.

When buying Fioricet online, you will have the chance to choose between the generic or the brand medications because they are both in stock. The generic form is cheaper than the brand Fioricet and will still work in the same way. This is why most people buying medications online will prefer buying the generic form.

Fioricet On Line Reviews

Customers who have used Fioricet have talked of how effective it is in the treatment of the tension headaches. A customer who did not wish to be named says that he had suffered from headaches since he was young and has tried everything without getting any relief. After relocating to a different state, a doctor prescribed Fioricet and he was able to overcome the headache within one hour after taking the pills. He says that the drug will work best if it is taken whenever a sign of an oncoming headache is felt.

KatelynnE says that she cannot leave home without carrying two Fioricet pills in case a headache attacks when she is far from home. She had suffered from headache for seven years without getting any relief until a doctor prescribed Fioricet. Unlike in the past when she would be forced to abandon her responsibilities whenever she had a headache, all she has to do now is to swallow either one or two pills according to the severity of the headache and everything will go back to normal. She also recommends the drugs to anyone suffering from a problem similar to hers.

Reliefinally says that she has suffered from migraines all her life and Fioricet is the only drug that helps her overcome her problem. Every time she feels an oncoming headache, she will take a pill and the problem will be gone.

Fioricet Customer Reviews

Fioricet Customer Reviews

Fioricet Side Effects

Each of the components in Fioricet may lead to side effects some of which will be mild and will go away as soon as the concentration of the drugs is cleared from the bloodstream. Others may be severe and will require medical attention especially those side effects that will not go away long after the drug has been taken.

The side effects that may result due to the presence of butalbital are:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Sleepiness
  • Inability to breath properly
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dulled senses
  • Abdominal disorders

The side effects that will result due to the presence of acetaminophen are:

  • Rashes
  • Low blood cell count
  • Allergies
  • Giant hives
  • Flushing
  • Liver toxicity

The side effects that will result from caffeine are:

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Irritability
  • Increase in the level of blood sugar.
  • Tremor
  • Hallucination

Fioricet may also lead to dependency where the person taking the pill may be unable to function until he takes the pills. This will lead t drugs abuse where the person taking the drug may start taking it at will just to get high. Once this high effect wears off, the person who is abusing the drug will start feeling depressed which make him crave for more of the drug.

Fioricet Online Price

The price of Fioricet is lower in online pharmacies compared to the price that the drug will be dispensed at local pharmacies. 60 pills will cost $108 which is an average of $1.80 per pill. A customer who will buy in large quantity will pay less as shown in the table below. For 180 pills, the customer will buy each pill at $1.20 which will be a huge saving on the total cost of the medications.

Online Price of Fioricet

Online Price of Fioricet

Buying in large quantities will also ensure that you save on the cost of the shipping since you will stay for a longer time before purchasing other drugs.


Fioricet is an effective relief from tension headache which will work when other drugs fail. The drug should only be taken on the recommendations of a medical doctor as there are severe side effects that may result if it is used in the wrong way. When you decide to buy Fioricet on line, ensure that you do not buy fake drugs from rogue online pharmacies. We have provided a list of Top Online Pharmacies where you can get help in identifying a credible online pharmacy to buy medications from.