Online pharmacies are used by consumers so they can maximize their savings on the prescriptions they need. One of the websites used by online buyers is the store Canada Pharmacy Trust—now Canada Drugs. It is a recommendable online drugstore with years of experience when it comes to mail order prescriptions, hence the good reception for the online drugstore from the consumers. Let’s know more about this web pharmacy in this write-up!

Canada Pharmacy Trust: More Information on This Store

Canada Pharmacy Trust or Canada Drugs is one of the web drugstores that started way before other web drugstores were in the market. According to the shop, it started its service in 2001 and since then has dispensed more than 1M prescriptions to consumers that needed them.

Indeed, Canada Pharmacy Trust is an online pharmacy located in Canada. However, according to the store, it sources its products from various locations all over the world. The shop ships its products from its partners in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and India, apart from its warehouses in Canada. It appears that Canada Pharmacy Trust’s principle was to look for the best-priced medicines in the world and deliver them to their consumers all over the world.

Canada Pharmacy Trust

The store offers a convenient order process—consumers can order their medicines through the website or through the phone. However, the store still strictly imposes the need for prescriptions for every order on the website. Customers are obliged to send in their prescriptions through the mail, email, or facsimile—whichever is more comfortable for the consumers to use. Other online pharmacies, especially the illegitimate ones do not ask for prescriptions from their customers.

To reinforce the reliability of the shop Canada Pharmacy Trust, the shop featured a certification from the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, which specified that it is licensed to Rx medicines to its consumers.

We wanted to learn more about the store Canada Pharmacy Trust so we searched for available reviews for the store online. We came across a melange of positive and negative reviews for the store:

Positive Canada Pharmacy Trust Review

Positive Canada Pharmacy Trust Review

According to one consumer who posted a review for the shop, Lauretta, she and her family have been ordering from the shop for years, for her supply of supposedly expensive medicines for a specific chronic disease. She sourced the medicines from Canada Pharmacy because she needed a store that supplies cheaper medicines for her medical condition and so far, she has been successful in using the shop. However, she mentioned that the transit time of the medicines took weeks so she had to order in advance so the medicines can reach her on time. She gave the shop 5/5 points.

Positive Canada Pharmacy Trust Review

Positive Canada Pharmacy Trust Review

Another user, Inayatshabbir, rated the shop 4 out of 5 and mentioned that her order went well—it took her order a week to arrive and she had no problems overall. According to her, she talked with the shop attendant to ease her apprehension towards the store before ordering.

Negative Canada Pharmacy Trust Review

Negative Canada Pharmacy Trust Review

Although the store had plenty of good reviews from its consumers, the shop also had its fair share of negative customer comments from angry buyers. According to one Saad Qureshi, the product he got from the store was fake and therefore did not work. He rated the store 1 out of 5 points because the shop was allegedly selling fake medications to its consumers.

Although consumers are mostly positive about their experience on Canada Pharmacy Trust, the negative reviews should also be taken into consideration. However, the bad reviews are still insufficient in discrediting Canada Pharmacy Trust’s years of service.

Buyers can have their orders from Canada Pharmacy Trust in 14 to 28 days, but the shop is offering consumers a faster option, although the shop only encourages its consumers to reach out to the customer support team first.

Canada Pharmacy Trust is flexible with its payment options and the shop includes the following options for its consumers:

  • Direct withdrawal from checking accounts
  • Money order
  • Personal checks
  • American Express (excluding gift cards)
  • VISA (excluding gift cards)
  • MasterCard (excluding gift cards)
  • Wire transfer
  • Check finance plan

Canada Pharmacy Coupons: Are they Available?

There are currently no running promotions on Canada Pharmacy Trust, but the shop is offering cheap prices for its medicines, especially for the bulk orders. Free shipping is also available for interested consumers, but only for buyers with a specific purchase amount.

Other web pharmacies offer more deals to consumers, including the following:

  • Discounts on special occasions
  • Free pills on their purchases
  • Free consultations
  • Discounts on bulk orders (on top of the initial discounts)
  • Subsidized shipping fees for courier options
  • Special voucher codes

Canada Pharmacy Online Products

Canada Pharmacy Trust did not have a list of products available for its buyers, but the shop had its medicines arranged in alphabetical order. The medicines are also searchable through a search function, as long as the buyers know the generic or brand name of the drug they need.

Although the meds weren’t classified into groups, the store published its most popular treatments on site:

  • Advair
  • Naloxone
  • Propecia
  • Celebrex
  • Nexium
  • Protonix
  • Crestor
  • Norvasc

According to the shop, the consumers should provide valid prescriptions for their orders, just like in brick and mortar drugstores.


Canada Pharmacy Trust is an online pharmacy that started its operations in 2001. Just like the local drugstores, the shop dispenses its products only to consumers with the appropriate prescriptions for their orders, and nothing less.

Customer reports for the Canada Pharmacy Trust were generally positive, but some of the comments were negative. The report for Canada Pharmacy Trust is inconclusive, so consumers planning to buy from this platform should consider everything carefully. You can do your own research for this store, but if you need other online pharmacy options, you can use our list of TOP Online Drugstores.