Alpha RX is a dietary supplement pill formulated for treating men that are experiencing issues with their sexual health, a condition which is specifically identified as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a very common problem, affecting half the population of men aged 40 years and above. Because of ED, many men are unable to function normally in their sexual intercourse with their partners, failing to achieve erections or failing to maintain it for extended durations of time. Alpha RX is a product that promises fruitful results not only in per-use basis but as a treatment to the condition itself in the long run. Other benefits such as improved libido and sex drive, stronger erections, increased sexual stamina and boosts in the penis length and girth is also promised by this all-natural male enhancement supplement.

To help men overcome ED, Alpha RX improves the blood flow to the male penis which is necessary for achieving erections. Like the vasodilatory effects of the PDE-5 inhibitor drugs, Alpha RX dilates the blood vessels in the body to make the blood flow constantly to the penile area which in return prolongs the erection experienced by men that use it. According to the manufacturers of this male supplement, MenGenix, this product also increases the concentration of testosterone in the male body which is necessary for boosting a male’s sexual vigor.

Alpha RX Pills Reviews

Below are some reviews from the customers online who have used the Alpha RX supplement and has proven it to be effective for improving their sexual health condition and overall health. These are verified reviews from a legitimate online store and here are what customers are saying about Alpha RX:

Alpha RX Reviews

Alpha RX Reviews

A customer named John Hale has already noticed a great improvement in his sexual stamina ever since using Alpha RX. He did not mention any specific details regarding for how long he has already been taking the male enhancement supplement but he has already witnessed improvements on his physical body which could be the increase in the girth and length of his penis. He gave the product 5 stars for its benefits and adds that he did not experience any side effects from using the drug. He also says that he has already recommended the drug to his colleagues.

The next review is from an anonymous customer who attests that the product has truly worked for him. He also gave the product a 5-star review, experiencing all the benefits that were promised by Alpha RX. Not only did it make great improvements to his sexual capabilities but it also gave him a mental boost.

The third and last review was also from an anonymous customer who bought Alpha RX from Amazon. This review was also a 5-star review, a testimonial from an elderly gentleman who managed to get his youthful strength and sexual stamina back by using Alpha RX. He was not the only one who was satisfied with the results but his wife as well.

Alpha RX Ingredients

Unlike prescription ED drugs that use chemically-engineered compounds to help the body achieve erections, Alpha RX uses naturally abundant ingredients that are naturally integrated into the body. These natural ingredients not only improve the sexual function of males but it also increases the body’s energy levels. They also work as aphrodisiacs to fuel the sexual drive of its users. Ingredients of Alpha RX includes:

  • L-Arginine – improves nitric oxide levels in the blood for improved blood circulation
  • Horny Goat Weed – enhances blood flow to the corpus cavernosum penis
  • Tongkat Ali – boosts sexual mood
  • Gingko Biloba Extract – improves libido for better sexual performance
  • Saw Palmetto – improves the duration of orgasm
  • Nettle Extract – improves male sexual stamina

These ingredients are all natural ingredients and don’t cause any adverse effects on the body, unlike prescription drugs that come with a host of various side effects when used. The mentioned ingredients of Alpha RX are naturally occurring ingredients that are even used as traditional medicines by native cultures around the world. These ingredients don’t work by simply getting rid of the ED symptoms like what the prescription drugs do but they work with a long-term goal of improving the overall health of its users.

Where to Buy Alpha RX



Amazon is the most popular online shopping site where Alpha RX can be purchased. There are also various other dietary supplement selling sites where it can be purchased. It’s normal that customers will first want to know more about the product before they buy it. These online shopping sites are also complete with all the necessary information that the customers are going to need. Unlike the prescription ED drugs which are taken only when needed, Alpha RX is to be taken daily as it needs to be taken for up 60 days before customer notice visible improvements in their performance. Taking the supplement for just a few days won’t be sufficient. Alpha RX should be taken up to a point that the body has already been improved by its constant use that the normal functions such as erections will come naturally.

It would also be wise for customers to choose the stores that offer discount coupons for Alpha RX so that they can have more savings which they could use for future purchases of the effective male supplement pills.

Alpha RX Side Effects

Though Alpha RX has no known side effects, health experts still recommend doctor consultation prior to using the supplement just to make customers will be safe in using them. Doctors have to detect first if potential users have underlying health conditions which the Alpha RX may affect. It is a requirement that the men who would be using this male enhancement pill should be healthy in order for them to maximize its benefits.


All in all, Alpha RX is the best choice for customers for the treatment of their ED. Unlike prescription ED meds which have side effects, Alpha RX has none and has a host of other benefits that customers can enjoy. It is made from all-natural ingredients and can be bought at legitimate dietary supplement selling sites.