Pharmacy Rx One is an online pharmacy that sells erectile dysfunction drug. They sell drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others. Pharmacy Rx One also sells drugs that are used for the treatment of other diseases. Most often customers who have used an online pharmacy always find a way to register their complaints. Their website is From the complaints received about Pharmacy Rx One, most of them seem to be genuine and not fabricated to undermine their services. If you search the internet, there are so many complaints registered about this company. A look at Pharmacy Rx One website shows a professional and well-designed site. The fact that a website is professionally designed doesn’t guarantee the efficiency of that company. They may just be a scam site operating under the disguise of offering genuine services. From the complaints received by this company shows that they are not meeting the expectations of customers who have engaged their services.

Pharmacy Rx One Website Overview

It is often rare to find genuine online pharmacies that sell original drugs. We have carefully put together a list of online pharmacies that sell Viagra, Cialis and other generic Viagra like Suhagra, Fildena, Erecto, Edegra, Nizagra, and others at affordable prices. They can also deliver same to you discreetly notwithstanding your location. Your privacy is guaranteed. They make other mouthwatering offers like free sex sample pills for their customers.

Pharmacy Rx One also claims to sell erectile dysfunction drugs at affordable prices. But the complaints against this company are pointing to the fact that they don’t deliver the drugs to their customers after making payments. Most customers complained that they were charged for the drugs but they didn’t get delivery of the product they paid for.

Pharmacy Rx One Complaint

Pharmacy Rx One Complaint

Pharmacy RX1 Reviews

Reviews are meant to help you have balanced information about a particular product or company. In this case, the review is about an online pharmacy known as Pharmacy Rx One. From our findings, it was discovered that they have been around for a while. These reviews were obtained from real live patients who used the services of this online pharmacy and decided to share their experience. Most of the comments were pointing to the negative direction. A whole lot of these customers complained of poor services. For instance, Lacey Washington complained of being overcharged. He also didn’t get delivery of the product he paid for. He was also overcharged and couldn’t reach the number on their customer care. The only person he could reach couldn’t speak English but somehow he was able to explain his plight. Finally, he had to report to his credit card company and his money was refunded to him.

Also, it is the practice of some online pharmacies to put up reviews of patients who have used their services

Also, it is the practice of some online pharmacies to put up reviews of patients who have used their services. Pharmacy Rx One doesn’t have any review of any customer on their website. Most of the contents found on the internet about this online pharmacy are painting them in a negative light.

Pharmacy Rx One Coupon Code

Most online pharmacies offer free coupons to help customers who can’t afford their product the opportunity to buy it cheaper. Every product has its own coupon and these coupons have their lifespan. Sometimes a coupon for a particular product may last for a day or two. If you don’t use within that time frame, it will expire. In the case of Pharmacy Rx One, they also offer coupons. A closer look shows that their coupons are no longer available. The coupons were initially to help you save 9 percent off the original price of the product.

Pharmacy Rx Coupon

Pharmacy Rx Coupon

However, there other online pharmacies that offer coupons. We have made a list of online pharmacies that offer discount and sell erectile dysfunction drugs at affordable prices. They also give out free coupons so that you can save some money. They have been in business for years and have a reputation to protect. They offer a discount to patients who buy up to 30 pills of a particular drug. These discounts can be up to 30 percent or 50 percent depending on the pharmacy. Be careful so that you don’t become a victim of online fraudsters.


The complaints against Pharmacy Rx One are enormous. So many customers were not pleased with their services. Their website presents them as a business-minded company ready to satisfy the needs of their customers. However, those who have used their services were left with a bitter taste in their mouth. Their prices are affordable but the questions remain if they will actually deliver the product after making payments. They are so many online pharmacies like this on the internet whose aim and objective are to defraud you of your hard earned money. Don’t be carried away by their juicy offer. Take a step further to read about them. You can also take another step by ascertaining if their addresses are real.

We have recommended a list of online pharmacies that sell original drugs and deliver it to you within a short while. Your privacy is sure and your information is not shared with a third party. One way to know that a pharmacy is trustworthy is to check customer reviews.

Don’t patronize any online pharmacy that sells erectile dysfunction drug without a prescription. they may just be a scam site waiting to defraud you. The only country where you can buy an erectile drug from an online pharmacy without prescription is the United Kingdom.