was an online pharmacy. At the moment, the website redirects all guests to It was believed to be linked to highly reputable and credible online pharmaceutical shops while in business. Most of its partners had the approval of the United States revered Food and Drug Agency and sourced their drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturers that have a high standing globally.

Through their old website that we tracked by using web archives, GenPills displays its products and you will realize that they claim to sell almost everything drugs. The drugs on display include those that are indicated to treat cholesterol, asthma, digestive health, detox, heart, blood pressure, sexual health, painkillers, depression drugs, cardiovascular and hair loss among other human health medications. There is something that will surely catch your attention, the pricing of the drugs. GenPills sells most of its merchandise at exorbitant prices making the online store arguably one of the most expensive vendors.

GenPills claimed to guarantee customer privacy through robust procedures and policies aimed that making them comfortable purchasing from them. This means when you place your orders, they will not use your personal information provided to them for other reasons other than the ones intended for. The facility gives all its clients free shipping services for all orders made. This means you do not have a target of purchases to surpass before you qualify for free shipping. It may be attributed to the fact that you part with proper amounts to buy hence are doing so to ease the burden on you. Money backs and refunds do exist for damaged orders on delivery. GenPills has a toll free telephone line for customers to call in case of inquiries and assistance. I doubt it is still working.

Is Genpills Legitimate?

To answer this vital aspect, we need to look at the background information of the drugstore. As indicated above, the vendor was not a typical pharmacy but a broker. It links you to other pharmacies and claims to give you a secure online transaction through their escrow platform. Most the vendors that collaborate with it are known to be credible, to rated and highly reputable. This means GenPills floats on the reliability of its source pharmaceutical shops. There is also the aspect of pricing. GenPills drugs cost a dime, and we all know, high costs to some extent point to quality. Most of the medicines it deals with have the approval of the US-based Food and Drug Agency. The website is no longer taking orders. We strongly advise that you take some caution when dealing with any online drugstore. Besides, if your budget is low, you can look for other online pharmacies that offer the same products as GenPills with pocket-friendly prices. Review

Customer reviews can be a useful metric to gauge how others receive a product, service, or its vendor. The testimonies from previous users can help you predict what to anticipate were you to purchase a product. An example is when you want to know the side effects of a drug. If the majority of the reviewers say positive things about a service provider, then you may be motivated to buy from them. If the reviews are negative, the chances are that you will not give it a second thought unless you have no other option. The available customer reviews for GenPills are positive.

Adrianlaw says he is happy with the Vendor for being considerate of him. He had made an incorrect order, but he was accorded the chance to correct the mistake, and this was his first time purchasing the facility. He promises to continue buying from GenPills.

GenPills Customer Reviews

GenPills Customer Reviews

Nobsiova on his account says she has been using the drugstore for years now and she has never had any problem at all. She says, she has had damaged products replaced with little hassle. Besides, she appreciates the fact that the products are shipped to her place free of charge, and she loves it. She even recommends GenPills to others who may want to purchase online.

Note the information above is only to shed more details on the vendor. We are not in any way endorsing it or promoting it. Your study and expert advice from professionals is much recommended before you decide to purchase from the drugstore.


Genpills Discount Code has discount programs that give to its customers. Besides the offers from time to time allowed on some selected products, all customers orders are shipped free of charge irrespective of your amount, unlike other stores.

GenPills Offers

GenPills Offers

In addition to free shipping, clients get some discounts.

GenPills 10% Discount Offer

GenPills 10% Discount Offer

This is all geared to value the client. GenPills also guarantees a robust customer service. Refunds for damaged medications are guaranteed, and customers from reviews are a happy lot for this. Other forms of customer response include a telephone line through which complaints can be raised.

Summary was an online drugstore with prices for the products quite high compared to other drugstores. GenPills gave some offers to its clients through free shipping on all orders. The available reviews online were favorable for the vendor adding some confidence in the vendor. However, the website is currently unavailable and redirects to

Even with the positive information for the drugstore, we strongly advise that you take much caution before making orders. You should always research thoroughly to know who you were dealing with. You can purchase from our Top Recommended Drug Stores List.