For customers who are looking for a dependable drugstore online, Inhouse Pharmacy is the place to buy from. It has been operating for more than two decades already and it continues to be a strong pharmacy site despite the number of online pharmacies that vie for customer’s attention. Its market is worldwide, delivering quality and FDA-approved medications to different countries, to their customers that need them. Pacific Health Limited is the enterprise behind Inhouse Pharmacy, a healthcare company that is based in Vanuatu.

Just like the local drugstores, Inhouse Pharmacy also offers high-quality medications but they offer it at very low prices. The reason for this is simply because they largely offer generic medicines, cheaper alternatives to brand-name medications but have the exact similar effects and benefits. Other than their generic medicines, Inhouse Pharmacy also offers branded medicines but also at lower prices compared to the locally-sold medicine brands. Since they have reputable pharmaceutical wholesalers as their suppliers, they can get the medicines for much lower prices which enables them to sell at similarly affordable costs.

Inhouse Pharmacy Coupon 2018

Although they already have cheap prices for their medicines, Inhouse Pharmacy still honors coupons for discounting their customer’s orders. These coupons are provided by their partner sites and other independent coupon sources on the internet. In using these coupons, customers can get various kinds of discounts from their purchases and even have their orders shipped for free.

Inhouse Pharmacy Coupons

Inhouse Pharmacy Coupons

The coupons above have been verified as valid and many customers took advantage of the free shipping coupon where the delivery fees of their orders will be waived. For buyers who are looking to get big savings, they can also use the 50% off coupon which is quite a huge discount that will allow them to get the total amount of their purchases at half the price.

If other online pharmacies have a page on their website that is dedicated for their bestselling medications, Inhouse Pharmacy has a section on its website where the buyers will be able to check out its medicines that are on bargain prices. The reason for the bargains that they offer is because these meds are expiring soon, and customers might as well take advantage of the great deals that are available for them. The medicines that they have on sale are for both generic and branded medicines. But it’s inevitable that some buyers might think that by stating that their bargain meds are expiring soon, Inhouse Pharmacy’s drugs only have a few weeks before their expiry dates arrive. But this assumption by some is inaccurate since the medicines on bargain prices still have 6 to 8 months before their actual date of expiration. If the customers will be using the medicines right away, they might as well grab the opportunity as it will mean more savings for them.

To provide the needs of veterinarians and pet owners, Inhouse Pharmacy have also made pet medicines available on its website. Vets and customers alike can choose from various categories that range from anti-infective and anti-inflammatory drugs to thyroid medicines and others. For cheaper options, generic pet medications are also available for customers and there are also available bargains for pet drugs which will give them more savings to take home.

Inhouse Pharmacy Reviews 2017

Here are some of the reviews provided by the customers concerning their good experience with their transactions with Inhouse Pharmacy:

“Excellent customer service. My orders were frozen due to bank error. They looked into it and found out there was an extra zero and now all is good. They give you very personalized service and really do care about their customers.” – neebus, online customer

A customer named “neebus” from the internet commends Inhouse Pharmacy for its excellent customer service. He had some delays with the meds that he ordered due to a bank error but it got sorted out when Inhouse Pharmacy looked into it. He also likes the personalized service that he has been given and appreciates the way the pharmacy cares about its customers.

“I have had great luck with this Vendor. I have always got the Real product and their Website even lists the new exp dates. It makes me feel like they are “on top of things”. There are a lot of disorganized Vendors who are nice folks but they make a lot of mistakes. In house is a good solid choice.” – steve12345, online customer

Steve12345 considers it to be a great luck to find Inhouse Pharmacy as his online store for purchasing medicines. He always got the medicines that he has paid for and even the accurate expiration dates are indicated on its website prior to his purchase, making him feel confident in buying.

Product Expiry Date Indicated

Product Expiry Date Indicated

Steve12345 is also pleased with the fact that Inhouse Pharmacy is very organized with its products and processes, making it his solid choice.

Does Inhouse Pharmacy Require a Prescription?

Buyers can freely purchase the medicines that they need at Inhouse Pharmacy because it does not require its customers to provide prescriptions. The customers can simply select the items that they need and proceed to the checkout page to pay for them with no hassles. Unlike local pharmacies that require them, it’s not a prerequisite to buying prescription meds at Inhouse Pharmacy, saving its customer’s time and money.

Inhouse Pharmacy Alternatives

For clients who want to try out other stores to buy from, there are a lot of other viable alternative pharmacies to Inhouse Pharmacy. These stores offer the same range of pharmaceutical products and also sells at cheap prices and it is the customer’s discretion on which online pharmacy to choose. Buyers can always compare the prices and the services that are offered by these pharmacies and decide which is the better choice for them.


Inhouse Pharmacy is a dependable online drugstore that provide a great range of pharmaceutical products to customers around the world at affordable costs. It operates under Pacific Health Limited, a healthcare company based in Vanuatu. All of its medicines are of good quality and FDA-approved and their prices can be discounted further when buyers use coupons for them. For a complete list of other trusted and reliable alternative online drugstores to buy from, customers can check our top list of recommended pharmacies