Most pharmacies in Canada have embraced the internet. In the past, you had to visit a local pharmacy before you could buy a drug. Nowadays, you’re just a click away to get place your order. They are so many online pharmacies in Canada that sell different products including erectile dysfunction drugs. The prices of most drugs are cheap when you buy from an online pharmacy compared to local pharmacies. These online Canadian pharmacies must have the approval of Canadian International Pharmaceutical Association (CIPA). They ensure that an online pharmacy meets up with the required standard of running their business.

Online Pills is an online Canadian pharmacy that sells different types of drugs for various ailments. Their prices are affordable. They also sell original products. Their major category is erectile dysfunction drugs and they are sold at give away prices compared to other online pharmacies.

Scam Alert

However, the fact that there exists a body like the CIPA, doesn’t stop the activities of online fraudsters. They create scam websites with the aim of defrauding unsuspecting individuals of their money. Most of these scam sites also make irresistible offers that are so appealing and tempting. It only takes an eagle to know that they are a scam. We are aware of these challenges hence the need to ensure that you purchase products from the right source. We have recommended a list of top online pharmacies that sell original drugs at affordable prices. They are reliable. After placing your order, be rest assured that it will get to you within a few days. They have a reputation to protect, so expect the best services. Just the same way you need a prescription to buy certain drugs from your local pharmacy, it is also expected that you get a prescription before you can buy from an online pharmacy.

Most patients that use drugs that require a doctor’s prescription tend to shy away from visiting the doctor. The advantage of getting a doctor’s prescription is enormous. Don’t patronize online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Can I Buy Drugs from an Online Canadian Pharmacy without Prescription?

You can buy drugs from an online Canadian pharmacy without a prescription if you’re below 25 years old. This program came into existence on the 1st day of January 2018. They are about 4,400 products that you can buy without a doctor’s prescription. This innovation will relive young people who depend on certain prescription drugs to survive. Most young people who are below 25 years can’t afford to pay for their prescription. Apart from 4,400products, you need a doctor’s prescription before you can buy other prescription drugs.

Packet of Levitra

Packet of Levitra

We have prepared a list of online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs at an affordable price. They have been around for a while. Don’t buy from any online pharmacy offering to sell drugs that are not within the 4,400 products without a prescription. They may just be one of the scam sites around. The essence is to reduce drug abuse and also curb side effects that are associated with using prescription drugs. For instance, a prescription drug like Viagra has some side effects but if taken under the supervision of a doctor, it reduces the side effects.

Cheap Online Canadian Pharmacies that Sell Prescription Drugs

If you search the internet you will discover that they are numerous online Canadian pharmacies. Most of them are offering to sell prescription drugs at a very cheap price. However, the simple truth is that not all of these online pharmacies are legit. Prescription drugs are always on the high side compared to over the counter drugs. Some dubious individuals often want to take advantage of the situation to reap where didn’t sow.

Free sample pills at Via Best Buy Pharmacy

Free sample pills at Via Best Buy Pharmacy

In course of the article, we have mentioned our recommended list of online pharmacies. This list also comprises of online Canadian pharmacies that sell prescription drugs for ailments for erectile dysfunction keeps so on cheap. You can also buy drugs for asthma and epilepsy cheap. They offer discounts if you buy a large quantity. For instance, if you buy up to 30 pills of a particular drug, you get up to 50 percent discount. If you want to purchase an erectile dysfunction drug, you may also get Cialis, Viagra or Levitra for free. You will get 10 pills of either of the aforementioned drugs for free. However, you have to pay for shipping.


We have sounded a note of warning several times in course of this article that they are so many scam sites on the internet. The reason for this emphasis is because it is very important. It is a terrible feeling losing your money to people who don’t deserve it. Try as much as possible to verify the authenticity of the website you want to patronize. Also, check for reviews and comments about the online pharmacy.

Ensure that you get a doctor’s prescription before using any prescription drug. Don’t share your prescription with a friend. Most often prescription drugs have side effects hence the need for a health professional to supervise how the drug is used. If you also notice any side effect, please visit your doctor. Visit the nearest poison center or your doctor if you have taken an overdose.

The first thing to look out for when you visit an online Canadian pharmacy is to check for the CIPA sign at the bottom of their page or anywhere else. The CIPA is responsible monitoring the activities of online Canadian pharmacies. Find out if they have a good customer care service. To find a credible online shop, consult our List of Top Recommended Pharmacies.