is a vet drugstore. It has the accreditation of Vet VIPPS. It is one of the leading pharmacies that sells merchandise for pets globally. It has a broad range of products that combat tick and flea prevention and heartworm prevention among others. deals with both prescription drugs as well as non-prescription ones. Besides the mentioned products above, the facility offers grooming products, harnesses, collars, and leashes. Veterinarians who are in active practice who owns the facility run it. It is licensed by the Pharmacy Board and is known for its expert services and quality products.

Not only Pet Mart Pharmacy guarantees quality medicines to its customers but also affordable prices. Most of the pricing tags with the store show a slightly low cost compared to other vendors offering the same medications and services. In addition to fair prices, clients benefit from regular rewards. It has a loyalty kind of a system through which customers earn points for any orders made and later redeem them once they meet a certain threshold. Other rewards include discounts on bulk purchases as well as shipping offers.

PetMartPharmacy is strict on orders of law. For instance, they do not sell or dispense prescription medications without proof on an electronic or a written version of a prescription. Also, it must be from a qualified veterinarian doctor. Orders are acted upon within 24 hours which sounds incredible by all standards. However, late Friday orders are sorted out the next Monday including shipping. Shipping and deliveries are not affected during the weekends and government holidays. The cost of shipping as of many vendors remains a prerogative of the client, but the drugstore meets the fee for all orders that are above $49. Tracking services are provided by PetMartPharmacy, so it is advisable that you provide a working email when making your requests. Signature confirmation is also offered at an extra cost in case you are concerned of some conditions. Money backs are guaranteed for products within 30 days with a 10% cut to cater for restocking fee. This does not apply to drugs that have their seals broken.

PetMartPharmacy boasts to have a robust customer support team that is there around the clock to give expert opinions and directions to distressed clients. Customers can call the pharmacy via a provided telephone contact or through the email.

PetMart Pharmacy Coupons values its clients through some reward system. These strategies are effective in keeping the client happy and making them return to buy from them. The first approach that applies to all the clients is a bonus system where the customers are awarded points for any purchases they make. The redemption of the points is done every year and can be used to purchase products from the vet shop of proportionate value. With the facility, a dollar spent earns you one point. A customer merits $5 for every 200 points. The facility claims to be the only vet drugstore with such an innovative program.

free Shipping Offer by Pet Mart Shop

free Shipping Offer by Pet Mart Shop

Besides the loyalty points, the facility also offers free shipping to customers. This order, however, applies to only customers that purchase over $49 orders. Also, to free shipping offer, Pet Mart Pharmacy has other discounts for different products regularly. The vendor advises that you should check with them regularly to know the discounted products. Moreover, the customers enjoy excellent customer support. With a direct telephone line and a complimentary email platform, the clients find it accessible in case of any clarification or assistance.

Pet Mart Pharmacy Reviews

One way of gauging your products and services as a company is feedback from your clients. Customer reviews are a way of conventionally accepted feedback. Independently published reviews usually take precedence over the internal reviews left on the company’s website or blog. It just gives you a glimpse of what to expect or rather what the previous users have to say as part of their experiences with the product. By so doing, one can make informed choices on whether to purchase or not. If customers get to read positive testimonies online, that can boost the image of a product and can positively affect his or her decisions, and the converse is also true.

The available reviews for PetMartPharmacy are quite positive and are evidential of a service provider that is on the lead in the industry. We have sampled some of the testimonies from independent sites to back this claim. Markatdw says that the service was excellent and fast. He also loves the efficient shipping. He adds that the facility is important and stands out because it sells medications that other Vet stores do not stock the dog’s cancer drugs.

Cmcdancer says that the drugstore is excellent with on-time deliveries and pleasant people

Cmcdancer says that the drugstore is excellent with on-time deliveries and pleasant people.

Drontal Plus PetMart

Drontal plus is a product sold at PetMartPharmacy that is instrumental in treating roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and hookworms in dogs. A highly efficient deworming medication will keep your dog free from intestinal parasites. It kills mature worms only and does not prevent reinfection.

Drontal Plus

Drontal Plus

The oral medication is to be administered by mouth. The dosing should be as directed by your veterinarian. It can also be given to cats as long as they are more than 1.5 lbs. The generic names for the drug are Praziquantel and pyrantel.

Summary is a vet drugstore that is known for selling quality pet medications. The facility is licensed by the pharmacy board and is accredited by VIPPS. The brain behind the shop comprises of practicing veterinary doctors hence boasts of expertise. have reward strategies for its customers that include the use of loyalty points. Customers earn points for every order they make and can redeem points within a year. They also guarantee free shipping for all orders above $49. Money backs within 30 days for unsatisfied clients are given.

When purchasing medications for your animals, do so with a credible vendor with a good history of reliability. You can check with our Top rated Drugshops Catalog.