Eyes are considered as the window of the soul of any person. These are the eyes which are supposed to reflect the state of the mind of the person. This is not considered right in case if your eyes are itchy, watery, swollen or red due to the allergic reactions. Severe allergies are very distressing to the person. The burning, tearing, red or itchy eyes are the factors representing the allergies in the eyes. The allergies affect the parts of body alone but sometime it is accompanied by the some other like nasal allergies. The nasal allergy symptoms include stuffy nose, sniffling and sneezing etc. The other case with the eye allergies is that sometime people treat and care for the nasal allergy symptoms but ignores the symptoms of eye allergies.

This sometime can be even more dangerous for them.

Weed pollens, tree and grasses are the most common outdoor eye allergens. The people who are more sensitive to these allergens are supposed to get eye allergies from them. The other point to be considered is that you are not supposed to get affected or harmed to your eyes in any form by means of the allergies. Disrupting to your daily activities is the main problematic factor of the eye allergies. Extreme uncomfortable and annoying may also be your day with the eye allergies. Hence early treatment is also very necessary.

How we get allergy from animals

When talking about the animal allergies it can be said that the household pets are more commonly referred as the major source of animal allergies. Among the household pets the cat and dog are majorly accepted by the house owners. Hence they are the main to be considered while discussing about the animal allergies. It is thought by most of the people that furs on the bodies of pets prevent the allergies, but it is mostly false in all the cases.

This is because it is the fur that might contains the allergically positive bacteria on it which can easily spread to all the portions of your house. The cats are more likely to be spreading more viruses of such allergies because they lick themselves more frequently than the dogs. It is also due to the factor that they are usually held more close to the humans especially by the Childs. They are also called long term allergy because it takes long time to show the symptoms and to get cured as well.

Hence you should be aware of the bad consequences like allergies from your pet.