Johnathan Perez

April 18, 2018

Understanding cause of Dandruff and its effect of Treatment

Dandruff is harmless, so it is treating at home with traditional home remedies, without any prescription. Dandruff can be diagnosed and treated well and in different manner as per ones requirement.

Two simple and quickest way to get started brush your hair gently from your scalp down, firm strokes. This will smoothly carry away oil from your scalp, which can cause dandruff, along the hair strands, this will help to maintain the hairs and also give shine to it.

Dandruff diagnosis and treatment can placed in different sections as per one’s requirement so that the treatment in return give the patient fruitful benefit without creating any complications.

Switching between different types of shampoo if one type controls the dandruff at first but later loses its effectiveness.

How often one uses dandruff shampoo which varies from daily to a couple of times a week and also checking the directions of the bottle.

Whiles shampooing your hair, rub the shampoo into your scalp well and massage for couple of second then rinse it off.

If there is major issues of dandruff do not buy any random shampoo from market, refer what your dermatologists suggests.

If still after using you find any scratches and shedding of flakes over the-counter -preparations, see your doctor.

For really stubborn shampoo use prescribed shampoo.

And also consult dermatologists dandruff diagnosis and treatment to be undertaken in severe cases.

Effective way to control dandruff is to clean the affected area clean; a proper hygiene must be maintained .

Nutritious diet, including green leafy vegetable, vitamin c in your diet can prevent one from dandruff.

Differential in Diagnosis:seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp can be difficult. Both are common conditions that affect the skin scalp. In addition, they share similar symptoms, such as itchy, scaly skin depends on the skin type. Most often, the scales of psoriasis are thicker and somewhat drier in appearance than are the scales of seborrheic dermatitis. So if you have scalp psoriasis, you may also have mild skin itching on your elbows, knees, facial skin,fingers.

Less exposure to environment can also help dandruff  related problems. So take precautions even if your jobs demands extreme exposure.keep updating doctor if you are going under any  treatment. Doctor’s can suggest you the best medicinal shampoo, or follow ayurvedic treatment.

April 18, 2018

Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

There has always been a great risk of some unexpected and negative reactions when you will take any new medication either prescribed or not prescribed by the doctor.  And the same fact hold true in the year of 1960s for the purpose of side effects of using these birth control pills. The other side effects of using these pills are the occasional feeling of the nausea or the instance of the blurred vision or the weight gain were also in some cases par for the course. But it was the only few instances of the strokes and the blood clots which are supposed to begin to ring an alarm bells. This is one of the great and new innovationswhich are done basically to help women in order to prevent their pregnancy. But it was not much use for them because of the fact that it started harming to those women at the time when it was just supposed to help them.

This is the main reason which causes women to consider these birth control pills before their use that whether they are free from any kind of side effects or not. If they contain some more severe side effects then it is suggested not to use them. Researchers today have scrambled in order to discover the various reasons for these all negative reactions of the birth control pills. Soon the researchers learned the two very important things which are being discussed here.

The very first reason was that these pills drastically reduce the level of thehormone progesterone or if it replaces it with progestin then it instantlyincrease the risk of adverse effect also. But in some cases they also got to learn that one of the most severe and ill side effect of thesebirth co0ntrol pills do also had some of the connection to the fact that whether the women had ever smoked or not, does she had ever high blood pressure, or had some other problems like the cardiovascular problems. If she had ever have any of the such problems then she severely increases the risk of her getting pregnant or some other side effect like nausea even after the use of these birth control pills.

Today if you will consider various birth control pills then they might not differ at all in any other thing but the things which are needed to be considered while comparing them are their dosage and the content of them.

Heart stroke, heart attack and blood clotting are the other things which are the other side effects of using these birth control pills. Mood changes, irregular bleeding, headaches and the nausea are some of the most common side effects of using these birth control pills.

April 18, 2018

Hair Loss In Men, Women And Childrens

Hair loss in women

If you too are a woman and you have the hair loss problem or whose hair are suddenly starts thinning and this process is rapid in you then you are suggested to not think that you are alone but there are many today who are suffering from the hair loss problems. Its reason may be somewhat less obvious among the women than among the men. But in most of the cases it is considered the almost most common and a much emotional as well as the devastating thing. The good news however is that in case if you have proactively tried to understand that why actually you are going to lose your hair and you also go through the suitable treatment then you are the person who is supposed to have at least the better chance to get or being able to prevent or in some cases stop also to your hairs from falling then than the men that generally have this problem for a long time.

First of all there is something about the normal process of hair loss is that the healthy women who is with the head full of the hair can also expect of losing almost 50-100 strands of hair for daily. So in case if you too are losing them more than the above stated rate or it just seems that hair that you lose are either not getting replaced or getting replaced and thinner as well as finer hair then you might have a little problem with your hairs.

Hair loss in men

Male patterns problem of baldness does usually affects around 30% of the total 30yearold men and the rest 50 per cent are to the 50yearold men. This is just a problem which occurs in a very distinct and separate way this is why sometimes can also affect the women too especially just after their menopause whenever their protection effect of the estrogen is lost to them. Hair sometime may also start disappearing from the temple and then from the crown of head also at any of the time. At the same time for a few men the process sometime also starts very early as the start of the late teenage years. However for most of the cases it happens in the late 20s or early 30s of them.

Hair loss in children

Hair loss among the children is not most common. Some of them can also easily recover from the problem without medication. There are many types of alopecia that can easily occur to children. In the treatment process it can sometime also takes the time of more than a year in complete recovery of it. This is why Childs are supposed to get free from the hair loss problems in their later life.

April 18, 2018

Food Items To be Included In The Diet For Asthma Patient

For the Asthma patients it is really very essential to have only healthy diet so that probably the patients could avoid the problems of Asthma attack to them. Sometime a healthy diet can also prevent the symptoms related to Asthma in the bodies of the person. Here is given the list of those food items which are very essential to be taken appropriately for the patients suffering from the Asthma disease.

Food items to be included in the diet for asthma patients are given below.

Food items that should be avoided –the potatoes, lentils and rice are the type of food items which should be avoided completely in order to avoid the more severe problems related to Asthma. Smoking and coffee are the materials that should also be avoided to be taken among the patients. Sometime Asthma is also caused by chewing tobacco. The juice of various fruits or the cold drinks should also be completely avoided by the Asthma patients. The green vegetable should also be avoided.

Food items that should be taken – the Asthma patients are always supposed to take the proper amount of vegetables and fresh foods. Since the fresh food contains a high amount of antioxidants so they are the very beneficial things for all the Asthma patients. The dinner should be taken light for the patients. Large amount of water intake before and after meal is another must thing for the patients of Asthma.

Treatment of Asthma

The Asthma being a very chronic disease its early diagnosis and treatment is very important. For some patients the treatment can goes for long. In some chronic cases the patients might also have to wait for life long to cure the Asthma disease.

Below is given the ways to improve the life of Asthma patients if they are following these simple methods.

• Becoming a partner and following the guidelines given by the health care provider is one and the foremost step to feel better for all the Asthma patients. The patients should also follow the doctor as well as his staff’s recommendation.
• You can also use various other experts’ suggestion, education and the information related to Asthma to help you in caring it.
• Once you are aware of the various triggers of Asthma you should always do what you can do to avoid the Asthma generated problems
• Be always sure to follow all the recommendation given to you by the health care provider / doctor of you
• Make a schedule to your health care taker
• Report all changes in symptoms to the care taker
• Also report all the side effects of the treatment

April 18, 2018

Allergies Affecting The Human

Eyes are considered as the window of the soul of any person. These are the eyes which are supposed to reflect the state of the mind of the person. This is not considered right in case if your eyes are itchy, watery, swollen or red due to the allergic reactions. Severe allergies are very distressing to the person. The burning, tearing, red or itchy eyes are the factors representing the allergies in the eyes. The allergies affect the parts of body alone but sometime it is accompanied by the some other like nasal allergies. The nasal allergy symptoms include stuffy nose, sniffling and sneezing etc. The other case with the eye allergies is that sometime people treat and care for the nasal allergy symptoms but ignores the symptoms of eye allergies.

This sometime can be even more dangerous for them.

Weed pollens, tree and grasses are the most common outdoor eye allergens. The people who are more sensitive to these allergens are supposed to get eye allergies from them. The other point to be considered is that you are not supposed to get affected or harmed to your eyes in any form by means of the allergies. Disrupting to your daily activities is the main problematic factor of the eye allergies. Extreme uncomfortable and annoying may also be your day with the eye allergies. Hence early treatment is also very necessary.

How we get allergy from animals

When talking about the animal allergies it can be said that the household pets are more commonly referred as the major source of animal allergies. Among the household pets the cat and dog are majorly accepted by the house owners. Hence they are the main to be considered while discussing about the animal allergies. It is thought by most of the people that furs on the bodies of pets prevent the allergies, but it is mostly false in all the cases.

This is because it is the fur that might contains the allergically positive bacteria on it which can easily spread to all the portions of your house. The cats are more likely to be spreading more viruses of such allergies because they lick themselves more frequently than the dogs. It is also due to the factor that they are usually held more close to the humans especially by the Childs. They are also called long term allergy because it takes long time to show the symptoms and to get cured as well.

Hence you should be aware of the bad consequences like allergies from your pet.