The purchasing of Antibiotics in Mexico has taken the online channel with every vendor offering the services only on prescription. Whether it is the oral tablet, capsule, cream, solutions for injections, or eye and ear drops, you will require a prescription for the same. When you call your online pharmacy, in a situation where you do not have a prescription, your online pharmacy will provide you with a valid prescription with the help of a certified online doctor.

Various Mexican Antibiotics

Antibiotics are available in your everyday online pharmacy and drugstore near you for convenience. They are sold purely on prescription by all pharmacies failure to which owners of the pharmacies get heavy penalties. Since the buyer will not be penalized for buying without an approved doctor’s prescription, most pharmacies have taken to ensure total compliance of the same.

Mexican Pharmacy and Antibiotics Prices

Across all Pharmacies in Mexico, the antibiotic prices will be averagely same with only a slight difference noticed across the board depending on the type of drug. The most widely used antibiotic is Amoxicillin due to its effectiveness in treating a majority of bacterial infections and fewer side effects or almost none at all. It is advisable that you call your pharmacy to inquire what brand of antibiotics they sell before purchase and also to ensure you get a proper prescription. If you decide to purchase your antibiotics from an online Mexican pharmacy or any other international pharmacy, consider checking our Catalog of Recommended Online Pharmacies.

Amoxicillin Price Online

Amoxicillin Price Online

If you want to compare this price to the prices offered by the major drugstores in the US, you will be slightly surprised to see the difference.

image1 9                    A Price Chart on Common Amoxicillin Antibiotic in Various Pharmacies in the US

Are Antibiotics from Mexico Safe: Client Reviews

You will need to know what clients think about purchasing Antibiotics in Mexico and the safest way through that is by reading reviews regarding this with an intention of shedding light on what you might not be aware of.

Client feedback both negative and positive should be treated seriously considering client experiences vary from day to day. While positive feedback is meant to enable you to be confident about your intended purchases, negative feedback should enable you not repeat mistakes done by others.

image3 14                                   Reviews by Clients on Antibiotic Purchase in Mexico


‘Clerky96’ above lets you know that the only way you can get antibiotics from your pharmacy is when you have a doctor’s prescription.

According to ‘MuffyKismet’, you should not expect to have a problem buying antibiotics in Mexico as they always pick a few bottles of Amoxicillin each time they are in Mexico only you need to get an approved doctor’s prescription first.

‘Dgonza’ goes on to assure you that you will not come across any problems buying antibiotics from Mexico as he has purchased drugs there without any problems.

Antibiotics Side Effects

Antibiotics, like any other drugs, have resultant effects that come with the usage especially over a long period of time. These could be both positive and negative depending on how you use the drugs, your individual response and the type of bacteria that is being targeted. The positive impacts of Antibiotics are as follows:

  1. Kill harmful bacteria – Antibiotics kill disease-causing bacteria hence help restore your health relieving you of discomfort and unpleasant effects of harmful bacteria.
  2. Prevent bacteria reoccurrences – When used properly, antibiotics will prevent any future occurrences of infections by totally inhibiting the growth of the bacteria.

On the other hand, the negative effects are as a result of improper usage otherwise known as abuse of antibiotics. The side effects can be adverse if not handled in time and as such end up being life-threatening. The negative impacts of antibiotics are as follows:

  1. Allergic reactions – This includes edema of the face area, lips, and tongue including white patches on the tongue. Shortness of breath and fainting will be experienced on administration.
  2. Stomach upset – Mild to severe stomach upsets eventually culminating in a soft stool or severe diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting.
  3. Vaginal itching – For females, you will experience vaginal itching, rash, yeast infections and sometimes abnormal vaginal discharge. This can get very uncomfortable with time hence the need to attend to the same with immediate effect.
  4. Seizure attacks – Particular antibiotics that have these seizure effects on patients include Ciprofloxacin and Cephalexin but the chances are higher for patients with epilepsy history.
  5. Death of useful bacteria – There is a high chance that in the process of getting rid of the infection-causing bacteria, the useful bacteria will be affected and this will lead to a lapse in your body system and immunity generally.
  6. Interaction with other drugs – In the event that you use antibiotics alongside other drugs or alcohol there is a high chance of developing kidney infections and tendon damage as well.

Stop the drug usage instantly and call your doctor or 911 immediately if you start to experience the above reactions. Chances are they will get worse with time and cause more damage. Also, inform your doctor of your medical history and any conditions so that he is advised accordingly. Do not use alcohol together with antibiotics to prevent any adverse side effects and remember to inform your doctor if you are pregnant, on birth-control pills or planning to get pregnant.


Antibiotics are necessary for your day to day usage in cases of bacterial infections and are available in their brand names and generic forms as well in your pharmacy. To obtain the drugs, call your doctor for the prescription and proceed to complete your purchase. Do not hesitate to call your doctor or 911 in case of any unexpected reactions. Always ensure you purchase drugs from licensed pharmacies to avoid scammers and cons and loss of your money. Confirm with websites like LegitScript, Pharmacy checker and NAPB for pharmacies that are not recommended. When in doubt, please refer to our TOP List of recommended pharmacies for quality and affordable drugs.