Abbreviated as CIPA, Canadian International Pharmacy Association is a Canadian association of licensed retail pharmacies offering their services both to Canadian and International clients. It lists all legit online pharmacies on its site with a CIPA seal for the public confidence in its transactions. Founded in 2002, CIPA has since ensured all its members are regulated by the government and that they meet all the quality standards.

The Front Page of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA)

It has a simple streamlined way of working; once you identify your online vendor, you open the CIPA homepage and type in the domain name of the pharmacy at the top right-hand corner and press enter. If it is a legal pharmacy, you will find its name displayed there. Alternatively, once you open the official page of an online pharmacy, you will find the CIPA official seal at the bottom of the page as a sign of quality and compliance to the set standards.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association Members with CIPA Certification

All of the pharmacies listed on CIPA have exceptionally undergone quality checks and have obtained a pass on regular on-site checks and audits. With a great record of safety drugs, CIPA boasts of the best quality of prescription drugs at very affordable prices. You will require a valid prescription from a certified doctor and also remit your detailed medical information so that a licensed pharmacist reviews the information before going ahead to authorize the prescription.

CIPA has since produced a list of all member pharmacies accredited to display their official seal on their websites.

image2 13                                        The CIPA Approved List of Online Pharmacies

CIPA’s biggest belief is in the fundamental right of every person to access affordable medications that are healthy and at the same time protect clients’ hard-earned money. If the pharmacy you intend to purchase from is in the above list, it means that is a recommended website and is safe to purchase from.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association Reviews and Consumer Reports

As with any websites that facilitate online transactions, there is a myriad of online reviews regarding CIPA engagements. As much as most reviews will be positive, you are not going to mist a few negative statements on the same. Find an illustration of the same below.

image1 7                                     A Sample Screenshot of Online Reviews on CIPA

The above reviews have a lot to tell us about CIPA as an organization. The first client ‘r223111a’ reportedly thinks that Canadian International Pharmacy Association does not appear reputable basing his argument on the fact that pharmacies listed as participating members purportedly carry products ‘’sourced from unreliable countries such as Turkey and India.’’ The client thinks that the above countries have never undergone Health Canada’s regulatory process established for safety and efficacy according to Prof. Amir Attaran.

The second client ‘fredoswald’ does not have much to say about CIPA but only points out what he thinks is the correct link to their website as opposed to what is displayed. As for him, he has not yet bought any drugs from Canada but is thinking about it.

Here, you might want to double check your pharmacy to be sure. See below another sample of reviews that show that Canadian International Pharmacy Association has some negativity to it. Remember this could be an isolated case and not everybody would say the same.

image5 7                        A Questionable Outline on CIPA List of Recommended Pharmacies

The above screenshot will show you that some clients think that CIPA lists some pharmacies that are labeled as Canadian but in the real sense sell ‘unapproved, adulterated or counterfeit’ drugs from ‘elsewhere’. In their simple analysis, clients think that CIPA is only after making profits by promoting ‘lower-priced and sub-standard’ drugs from non-Canadian locations while leading US residents to believe that they are indeed Canadian.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association Legit

CIPA itself is a legitimacy check on online pharmacies since it lists the recommended websites for your reference. The best way to go about it is by checking on your online pharmacy for the CIPA seal. Once you confirm it is there, you will still need to check its availability on the official CIPA website, since some pharmacies might corrupt their websites into looking legit.

However, you will need a second opinion to the pharmacy you want to purchase from and the drug as well. As such, you will need to do a second check on websites that list all the pharmacies that are not recommended to see if your chosen pharmacy falls there. Such sites include but not limited to LegitScript, Pharmacy-checker, and NAPB (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy)

Also, you need to ensure that the seal you see on your website is the official CIPA seal. It should look like the one below.

image4 8                        The Official Seal for Canadian International Pharmacy Association

If the seal you come across looks nothing like the above, you might want to check again for surety.


Almost all the transactions carried out matters medicine purchases are done online. That is a bigger reason why you need the protection of all sorts. Once in a while, you will bump into scammers and cons who are laying bait to unsuspecting buyers like you. This way you will end up losing your hard earned money through their crafty ways of manipulating your financial details. Help report such cases to help protect you and al others. Always ensure that you administer all medications through guidance from a medical expert and to always run legit checks on your pharmacy. Whenever in doubt, always refer to our TOP List of recommended pharmacies where you will be guaranteed of top quality and affordable services.