The increase in the cost of medications in local pharmacies has made it impossible for people who need medication unable to pay for them. This has mostly affected those who suffer from health complications that force them to be under medications for a long time. Online pharmacies and especially the Canadian mail order pharmacies provide relief to such people by selling high-quality medications at prices that are lower compared to the prices in local pharmacies.

The drugs sold by Canadian mail order pharmacies are of the same quality as the drugs sold in local pharmacies and as a result, customers who buy from them will get the same relief. They have also made it possible for customers to get medications that would be hard to find in local pharmacies. When buying from a Canadian pharmacy, a customer can choose to either buy brand medications or the generic form as they work in the same way to treat the complications for which they will be prescribed.

Online Pills is one of the Canadian mail order pharmacies that have been trusted by many for the supply of cheap and effective medications. They will not require a prescription to supply the drugs which will make it very convenient for customers who do not wish to go through the trouble of getting a prescription from a doctor.

Online Pills respect the privacy of their customers and this is why they have secured their connections to ensure that no intruder will be able to access it. When sending the medications via mail order, they will package them in a way that no one will be able to know the content of the medications by just looking at the package. If there is an issue that needs the attention of the pharmacy, they have open lines of communication and customers can always talk to the customer service team either through phone or through a contact form available at the website.

Canadian Mail Order Medications Buy

The process of buying medications from a Canadian pharmacy has been simplified to ensure that customers will not have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how the systems work.

Customers have to be careful when buying medications from a Canadian mail order pharmacy as not all pharmacies are legitimate. You have to look for a pharmacy that has been verified by CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and other regulatory bodies that controls how online pharmacies operate. The pharmacy also has to be licensed by the Canadian government and have a functional contact number through which they can be reached.

Once you have identified a legitimate Canadian pharmacy like Online Pills, you will enter the name of the drug you wish to purchase in the provided search box to see if it is in stock. If it is, you will select the dosage and the quantity you wish to buy and add it to your cart then proceed to checkout.

On the billing page, you will be required to submit the details of the payment method that will facilitate the payment of the drugs and also submit the details that will be used in the shipping. Ensure that you submit the correct details to ensure that the process will not be delayed since the shipping will only be done after payment is successful.

Some of the Drugs Sold at Online Pills Pharmacy

Some of the Drugs Sold at Online Pills Pharmacy

For the shipping of the drugs, customers can choose to have the drugs delivered either through the standard mail which will take three weeks before the drugs are delivered or through express mail where the drugs will take a maximum of eight days to be delivered. The express mail method is more expensive and to avoid paying a high price for the shipping, customers should make their orders in advance so that they will not run out of drugs before the next order is delivered.

Canadian Mail Order Discounts

Canadian mail order pharmacies like Online Pills offer multiple discounts to their customers as a way of ensuring that they pay the lowest price possible for their medications. Some of the discounts offered by Online Pills are:

  • A 10% discount on all orders processed at the pharmacy.
  • Free standard shipping on all orders that are above $200
  • Free express shipping on all orders above $300
  • Free bonus pills with every order
  • ED trial packs that contain different ED medication brands to help customers make the right choice. The trial packs are sold at discounted prices.

Some of the Discounts Offered at One of the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies

Some of the Discounts Offered at One of the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies

The prices of the medications sold at the pharmacy have also been discounted to ensure that customers will afford to pay even without the help of insurance. Those who buy bigger packs will pay less for their medications since the drug prices are discounted in favor of those who buy in bulk.

Canadian Mail Order Legit

Before you can buy from a Canadian mail order pharmacy, you have to ensure that the pharmacy is legitimate. You need to ensure that the pharmacy is verified and duly licensed by the federal government to offer pharmaceutical services. Look for seals of approval at the websites as this will be proof that the pharmacy has fulfilled all the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

You should also look at the reviews from customers who have been buying from the pharmacy in the past to know if it can be trusted. If most of the reviews are positive like it’s the case with online pills, you can rest assured that you will receive the drugs you ordered.

If a Canadian pharmacy is not verified, does not have a functional contact number, and has been negatively reviewed by customers, it is not legitimate and you should not risk your resources and your health buying from them.


Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies provides a cheap alternative to people who cannot afford to pay the high prices of medications at local pharmacies. They are also a convenient way of getting medications as the order will be placed at any time of the day or night and then delivered to your doorstep. When buying drugs online, you have to avoid any suspicious sites that sell drugs at prices that are too good to be true. These are rogue online pharmacies that will either sell fake or expired drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to get help in choosing a reliable online pharmacy to buy your medications.