Canada Drug Center

Canada Drug Center: Can You Really Trust This Pharmacy?

This is a web pharmacy that claims to offer the best services on the web. They are located in Canada although they claim to offer the best services worldwide. They have managed to receive accreditation from CIPA which is the organization which regulates the operation of Canadian Online drugstores. They claim that they offer the best services and that they have been offering the best generic and brand drugs at prices that their patients can afford. This drug seller has also received approval from Pharmacy Checker which also investigates and determines which pharmacies are genuine.

Canada Drug Center: Can You Really Trust This Pharmacy?
Canada Drug Center Homepage

Canada Drug Center claims that they usually ship their medications from their verified filling locations which are located in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, Mauritius, Australia, India, the United States, and more locations. They claim that all their filling locations have been investigated and approved by the respective bodies which are charged with this responsibility in the particular countries. They claim that they offer you a chance to get your price reduced by 10% if you find a competing pharmacy with lower prices.

Canada Drug Center Reviews

It can be tempting to believe what an online pharmacy has to say about their performance. But, the question is, do the people who have dealt with them agree with any of the information that is on their websites. Sometimes, as you will discover after going through these reviews, the information on a drug seller’s website can be misleading.

Canada Drug Center reviews

Chuck Clotworthy says that his second order arrived after 25 business days and he had paid for the express shipping which is supposed to take a maximum of ten days. By the time he was writing the review, it was the 17th day and his order had not yet arrived. He strongly advises against using Canada Drug Center especially if you are depending on the drug that you are ordering to sustain your life. He says that they don’t care.

Henry says that Canada Drug Center has very poor service. He never got his medication after he had ordered it and after they had even taken his money. They did not let him speak to anyone in billing about refunding the $216.99 they took from his account. He says that he will not use the pharmacy again.

Canada Drug Center User CommentThe above reviewer says that Canada Drug Center has bad customer service. His second order took more than 2 months with 3 separate payment requests for shipping cost and miscalculated costs. They made the process longer for a dying patient. The reviewer says that there is no way to get hold of the supervisor or the person in charge of the service department. They don’t care about the patient but the money.

Canada Drug Center User Testimonial

The above reviewer says that he has been using Canada Drug Center for three years and he has observed a decline in service. His package was never delivered. When he tried to get a replacement, he was told that he needed to pay another $25 for the shipment.

We have used reviews from two different sources. This was just so that we could make sure that you get the clear picture. According to all the above reviewers, it appears that Canada Drug Center offers mediocre services. They even took a customer’s money and never delivered the drugs. Everyone in the reviews claims that all they care about is the money. For this reason, we would advise you to avoid them. For a great experience, consider using the Canadian drug stores that we have on our top-rated list. These are the only safe stores which will offer you the best services.

Canada Drug Center Promo Code

We were able to find various coupon codes for Canada Drug Center. These were available on different third-party sites that offer coupon services. Here are some of them:

Canada Drug Center Coupons

The first coupon allowed the buyer to save $10 on every order that he or she made. The second order allowed the user to enjoy free shipping. Although these coupons are available it is not advisable to use Canada Drug Center to purchase your meds. This is based on the reviews that you have already read. Instead, you can use the pharmacies in our catalog. These stores have coupons and they care more about their patients. They will, therefore, deliver your drugs on time and they won’t overcharge you.

Canada Drug Center Cialis

Cialis is a medication that many men usually find hard to afford in the local stores. The drug goes for $70 a pill. For this reason, men usually check to see if there is another place where they can source the drug at a much cheaper price. The drug is available in the Canada Drug Center. The following are its prices:

Canada Drug Center Cialis Price

The pill costs $20 if you buy a package that has 4 pills in it. The pill will cost you $18.38 when you purchase a package that has eight pills inside. The Pill will cost $18.17 when you get a package that has 12 pills in it. Although this is a big reduction from the $70 that local stores usually demand we still don’t recommend you buying your Cialis from Canada Drug Center. We have stores that offer better prices and delivery services on our catalog.


Canada Drug Center is a store that has managed to gather a large number of negative reviews. These negative reviews are a reflection of the services that they offer. For this reason, Canada Drug Center is not one of the drug stores that we would recommend you to consider using. We have a better solution. The top-rated list that we suggest to you is the best solution which will save you from having to wait for a very long time before your drugs arrive or the drugs not arriving at all. Choose one of the pharmacies that we have on this list and enjoy great services.