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Due to the expensive costs of prescription medicine in the US, many customers have sought other sources that provides effective meds at much lower costs. Their search for pharmacies that provide affordable medications eventually led them to online pharmacies which sell the exact same selection of meds but at prices that are up to 90% cheaper than what the local drugstores sell. It was a great find, not only for the American customers but for international clients as well. They no longer have to endure expensive medicine costs as they can purchase as much as they need and more at pharmacy sites online. is one of the most popular online drugstores today on the internet. Millions of customers around the world have already been serviced by this reliable pharmacy through providing FDA-approved medications at bargain prices.

The medicines that are sold by are branded and generic meds which are sourced from countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The reason that it is able to sell its meds at low costs is because it has the manufacturers as its direct suppliers. With this direct transaction, is able to sell its medicines at wholesale prices to the customers. Reviews – High Approval Ratings from Many Customers Storefront

The idea that birthed came from a man named Kris Thorkelson who established the site for as early as 2001. Back in the 90’s, drugs were already expensive in the US but over the border at Canada, the medicines can be purchased at much lesser costs. To make it possible for the Americans to obtain cheap medications from Canada without them having to cross the border, Kris Thorkelson started as an online pharmacy that ships affordable meds over to the US. Many customers from the US have already saved millions of dollars in buying their prescription meds from and it still continues to provide the same service to millions worldwide.

Here are some of the reviews provided by the customers of for its dependability as an online drugstore. Since it has dedicated its site entirely for its products, there’s no testimonials section where customers can leave reviews. The reviews below are from a social media website where has an account and let’s take a look at them: Feedback

A customer named Jill Lynn is just loving how always took care of her medical needs. She has been using the store for 8 years already and she was never once disappointed with the service and the products that she has received from them. She gave the site a 5-star review which is a reflection of her satisfaction. What she emphasizes in her review is that the shipping of the medicines doesn’t take that long, although she had given no specific timeframe for the arrival of the meds that she has ordered. She points out that buyers must not wait up until all their meds are used up before they reorder but they should order the soonest time possible to avoid having gaps in their treatment.

The next review is also from a customer who has been trusting for more than 8 years. Starr Cook Gephart is pleased with the great service that she has received from the customer service people that she has contacted while she was ordering her medicines. The customer support personnel also give her good renewal reminders for her meds and she always receives prompt attention whenever she needs something from them.

Canada Drugs Login

For customers to be able to purchase their meds at, they are required to sign up on its page as members. The sign-up process is necessary as Canada Drugs will be needing necessary details from the customers in order for them to validate their identity. Guest checkout doesn’t exist on this store and all its customers have existing accounts. To create an account, customers have two options. The first one is to access its page and go to the sign in option.

Canada Drugs Sign-in Page

And just below the boxes where customers are supposed to put in a username and a password, there is a create new account option where it would lead them to a new page for an account creation. The other option is much easier and it would only require customers to call the customer support department of The customer support team would then be assisting the customer to make an account and assign a username and a password for them.

Canada Drugs Email

Canada Drugs loves hearing from its customers and has made various ways available for customers to reach them. The first one is through email which can be used by customers with no phones or mobile devices available. Their email is [email protected] and customers can send their concerns to that email address and expect a response within hours from its email team. Customers can also send their suggestions which would be gladly welcomed by Canada Drugs to further improve the service that they provide. Customers from the US can also reach Canada Drugs through its toll-free hotline which is 1 800 226 3784 while international customers can contact its customer support department through its international phone number 1 204 654 7964.

Canada Drugs Coupon

To get more discounts from their medicine purchases, buyers can use the coupon codes provided by independent coupon sites for Canada Drugs. Coupons such as the ones below can help customers get big discounts and even have their orders shipped for free:

Canada Drugs Coupon

These coupon codes are used in a box provided at its checkout page. Only one code can be used per purchase and once the code has been activated, it would then discount the customer’s orders or waive the shipping fees if it is a free shipping coupon code.

Summary is one of the most popular drugstores today on the web and it has already served millions of customers around the world. Because of the cheap prices of the medicines that they sell, both prescription and over-the-counter, many customers have given it high approval ratings and good reviews. For more online stores like Canada Drugs, check out our top list of recommended pharmacies.