Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies

Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies – Consistent Service and Quality Medicines

Canadian online pharmacies are the ones who started it all. These are the pharmacies that were the first on the scene of online selling of medicines. For as early as 1997, they were already in operation and are already delivering meds to their customers all over the world. The year 1997 was a time when online shopping was not yet popular, much more the idea of purchasing medicines from the internet but they made it possible. Since the quality of the medicines that they sell are excellent and the prices they have are much affordable compared to the local pharmacies, Canada-based online pharmacies were an instant hit. Effective meds and affordable prices became inseparable traits to Canadian online pharmacies and up to this date, it’s still true. They still are the best online pharmacies in the business and this became their reputation.

Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies – Consistent Service and Quality Medicines
Canadian Pharmacy

Like local drugstores, Canadian online pharmacies have a complete assortment of medicines for all applications and uses. They have revolutionized the basic task of purchasing medicines at local pharmacies and made it online, making it a lot easier especially for the elderly, the disabled, and the sickly folk. The entire process is effortless as the customers now only have to switch their computers and mobile devices on and connect to the internet. Once online, customers can simply visit the reputable Canadian online pharmacies and start ordering their medicines. After ordering, they can just check their purchases out and even make the payment online using their credit or debit cards. Once they have successfully paid for their medicines, their orders will now be processed and then be dispatched to the couriers for delivery. The buyers no longer need to leave their houses. Their purchases will be delivered right at their doorstep.

This very easy process of ordering medicines online has been replicated and imitated ever since by various other pharmacies but none of them are as successful as the Canadian online pharmacies. The other thing that made them quite reputable is the excellent customer service that they provide. They have customer support hotlines that are open 24/7, always ready to provide assistance to all customers from different time zones around the world. If customers have any questions or if they need help about anything regarding the products or the ordering process, they can simply contact the numbers provided on the websites of these reputable Canadian online pharmacies and they will be assisted shortly. But for customers without phones, they can send their queries through email.

Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies: Canadian International Pharmacy Association

CIPA Rx Emblem

Also known as CIPA Rx, Canadian International Pharmacy Association is an organization formed by genuine Canadian online drugstores to protect the customers from sites that pretend to be Canada pharmacies but in reality are fake and scammer operated. CIPA Rx continues to stand against these fake pharmacies that don’t only steal money and information from the customers but also send counterfeit and expired medicines which are the real threat to the customer’s health. And to help the customers determine which is which, a Canadian online pharmacy’s membership with CIPA Rx became the standard. Online Canadian pharmacies who claim to be legitimate but is not a member of CIPA is more likely to be a bogus pharmacy. CIPA is the organization that validates the claim of Canadian drugstores and every genuine pharmacy bears the emblem of the association. It’s not hard to spot as the emblem can usually be found on the bottom part of a Canadian online pharmacy’s homepage.

Manitoba International Pharmacists Association

Along with the emblem of CIPA Rx, customers should also find the MIPA emblem which stands for Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. This is also a Canadian organization that validates and approves the legitimacy of a site that claims to be a Canada-based online drugstore. Stores that have the CIPA Rx emblem usually have the MIPA seal as well and these are what the customers should look for.

Canadian Online Pharmacies No Prescription: Guaranteed Shipping

Unlike the local pharmacies that require their customers to provide doctor-issued scripts when purchasing prescription meds, Canadian online pharmacies no longer require them. They stopped necessitating their customers to provide them in order for the buyers to save more time and money. Doctor visits cost money and great amounts of time and requiring the buyers to get scripts whenever they purchase their medicines just takes too much out of the customers. With no prescriptions required, customers can now relax, sit easy, be able to order the medicines that they need, and save extra money.

Pharmacy Mall, a Proud Member of Canadian Pharmacy LTD

The orders are also guaranteed to arrive since reputable Canadian online pharmacies only use the services of renown international couriers and logistics to deliver the medicines to the customer’s address. Even in very rare cases that the orders get damaged or become lost during the shipping process, these online drugstores are ready to provide free reshipments to replace their previous orders. They also provide full refunds to customers that prefer to have it.

How Do I Know If an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

Because of the growing number of customers falling into the hands of scammer-operated fake pharmacies, customers need to be careful more than ever when buying their meds from Canadian pharmacy websites. One sure way to recognize a legit online pharmacy is the padlock icon before its domain name on a customer’s browser. This means that the site is secure and uses SSL encryption to protect the customer’s confidential information.

Secure Sites

Legitimate online pharmacies use HTTPS before their domain names instead of HTTP and this is the sign that they are genuine. HTTP sites are likely hosted by web hosting sites which are not secure. On the other hand, HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, an indication that the site is genuine or legitimate.

Check the Footer of an Online Pharmacy for These Signs


Customers should not just purchase from any pharmacies online which is very risky. They should look for reputable Canadian online pharmacies which have already been operating for almost 2 decades, providing consistent service and high-quality medicines at very low prices. To make that sure they are on the right one, they should look for the CIPA Rx and MIPA emblems within the site which proves that it is a legitimately-operating Canadian drugstore.