is an online pharmacy that is located in Canada. This pharmacy has been serving their patients since the year 1997. According to their homepage, the pharmacy is also known as Pharmacy Mall. The fact that has been in business for over two decades shows that they have been offering their best services in order to keep their customers coming back. Home Page

Nowadays, medications are getting more and more expensive. This means that there is the need for the majority of consumers who are operating under a budget to find that pharmacy that will help them save their money. From the evidence that we were able to gather online, it seemed like is one of the pharmacies that can be trusted. The pharmacy is a registered member of the Canadian organization that regulates the online drug stores in order to make sure that they don’t offer substandard services. The organization is known as CIPA.

There are numerous drugs available at which are all FDA-approved. In order to make sure that you get to know that when you are buying your meds from you will not be dealing with a rogue company, we have looked to find the evidence. Review by Customers has been selling to over a million consumers. This means that the chances of them having feedback regarding the services that they offer are very high. We searched online for these reviews in order to make sure that you understood who you were dealing with if you decided to order your meds from

Cheap-rx Testimonials

Were able to get a large number of testimonials on Matthew from the USA claims that the delivery was okay. Simona says that it is the first time since ages that she is happy. She says that is great. Her order was delivered to her on time. She says that everything was very okay.

Smith who is from the United Kingdom says that he had a great experience with Dorothy claims that has excellent service and they dealt with her query very efficiently. She says that they offer great quality and great value. Samuel from Irish France says that ships the meds in a speedy manner and that they keep you informed on the progress of the shipping. She says that she has used for several years and she is always very pleased. To her, they are very honest.

All the above comments were on We decided to find other comments from other websites. These would help you know whether the testimonials on were real.

Cheap-rx Reviews

The first reviewer says that he is a real person and he has already ordered Viagra from and received it. He claims that is legit. They delivered real medication to him. The only problem that he had was with the customs. He is usually forced to pay some extra cash for tracking.

Another customer claims that he is a real person from Louisiana. He says that he bought from and he received his medications in a period of 2 to 3 weeks. He says that he will be ordering from them again.

From the above comments, it looks like you can be able to trust to deliver real meds. However, always exercise caution when purchasing your pills online. Coupon

For the majority of online shoppers, a website that offers them a chance to save more of their money through the use of coupons is always a better choice. We searched online in order to find out whether offered any chance to save through the use of Coupons and other offers. We were able to find the following coupon:

Cheap-rx Coupon Code

Despite the store selling its drugs at a low price, it also offered its customers a chance to save through the use of coupons. The above coupon which allows you to save 10% expires on July 31st, 2018.

Cheap-rx offers

On top of offering coupon codes, also had other offers. These included free shipping. In order to be eligible for this offer, the customer has to purchase over $200 medication. They also offered free pills with every order. Prescription Meds

We noticed that was offering a large number of medications. These ranged from erectile dysfunction drugs to prescription meds. The medications that we found on the site include the following:

Cheap-rx Prescription Meds

They offered Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis as drugs that men can use to treat erectile dysfunction. They offered a sample pack for anyone looking to try the ED drugs. The drugs were very cheap since a Viagra pill only required the customer to pay a mere $0.27 while the Cialis pill required only $0.68 per pill. The brand Viagra cost only $2.56 per pill. This is an affordable price especially when the same brand drugs will cost over $70 in the local stores. Other medications that sells include Clomid, Propecia, Amoxil, Doxycycline, and more. All these are offered at very cheap prices in comparison to other stores that sell the same drugs locally.

Summary is a pharmacy that offers the solution to people who are looking to buy their meds at a lower price. They have been in operation since 1997 without major complaints available anywhere online. According to their website, they are already accredited by CIPA, MIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and the FDA. They usually offer credit card payment as one of their methods of payment. This is recommendable since it offers patients a better method of payment since they can easily dispute their charges in case the need arises. The pharmacy reviews indicate that they offer great services. This means that is one of the stores that a consumer can consider trusting.

The majority of the stores that claim to sell real drugs online are scammers. We warn you against trusting them since you might end up losing your money and health in the process. For a better chance to stay healthy and receive drugs that improve your health instead of messing it up, stick with proven stores. All the proven stores are available in our top-rated list.