Some drugs require a doctor’s prescription before you can buy it from a local supplier or an online pharmacy. Most of these drugs have severe side effects and so they need a health expert to regulate how it is used. The world has embraced the internet as a means of transacting. So for countries that insist on a doctor’s prescription for certain drugs, it must be gotten even if you’re buying from an online pharmacy. The case is not different from what happens in Canada. Any prescription drug must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription before you can buy it. Most online pharmacies have certified doctors to examine your health and prescribe the right dosage that will suit your health. We have prepared a list of online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs and also have an in-house doctor to evaluate your health and provide a prescription. They sell original drugs and also ensure that you enjoy some privacy.

However, the only country that allows you to buy a prescription for an erectile dysfunction dug without doctors is the U.K. This became legal this year after it was passed into law towards the last quarter of 2017. Early this year, Canada also passed a similar law that allows people who are under 25 years to buy a prescription drug without a doctor’s report. This has also received some applaud by most people because of the cost of obtaining a prescription.

It is always advisable to follow your doctor’s prescription. This will reduce the possibility of any side effect. Some patients reduce or increase their dosage without consulting their doctor. This act is called self-medication and it is prohibited. Also, they are a lot of online pharmacies offering to sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s report. Please in your own interest afford them.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Cheap

They are so many online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs very cheap in Canada. A few of them also offer free sex sample pills for patients to test the quality of their product. this offer often covers erectile dysfunction drugs mainly like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc. However, the truth remains that they are so many scam sites that want to defraud you of your money. They also claim to sell cheap prescription drugs but end up selling fake and expired products. It is always advised that you check for online reviews to know which online pharmacies are selling cheap and original prescription drugs.

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You don’t need to go through the hassle of looking for genuine online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs online cheap. We have compiled a list of online pharmacies that sell original prescription drugs at an affordable price. They have a verifiable address and have been in business for a long time. Some of them offer free sex sample pills to their customers. This will help you test drive the efficacy of their product before you actually buy. Your privacy is also guaranteed and they can deliver the product to you notwithstanding your location.

Is It Legal to Buy Prescription Drugs from Canada?

We mentioned this in passing during our introduction. It is a new innovation that the Canadian government came up with this year. This innovation began on the 1st day of January this year. This will relieve so many young people who survive by using prescription drugs. Most of these young people are just getting out of college and may not be able to afford a prescription from a doctor. This will, in turn, encourage self-medication. The cost of medication for severe asthma can cost almost USD 25,000 per annum. In Ontario, the government approved over 4,400 products for any person who is below 25 years with a prescription and has a health card. This program was captured in their 2017 budget. Before now the province was already taking care of the cost of prescription drugs for seniors living in care homes.

Levitra Packet

Levitra Packet

Most patients who are suffering from ailments such as asthma, epilepsy and so on will see this program as a huge relieve. They can travel without minding that if the medication changes or will increase the amount they spend on a monthly basis to procure drugs. Most of these teenagers had to work more two jobs just to meet up with the demands of getting a prescription.


It has been mentioned in course of this article that buying from an online or local supplier that doesn’t request a prescription could mean two things. The first is that the drug is fake and secondly, you might not get the product you paid for. Don’t be anxious to buy a cheap prescription drug without weighing the risk involved. The consequences of taking a fake or expired drug could lead to severe damage to your health or death. You can buy an erectile dysfunction drug from the U.K. without a doctor’s prescription. Even when the online pharmacy claims to operate from the U.K. or Canada, please do your best to verify their address. Scam sites may take advantage of their existing laws and programs to commit fraud. Consult our TOP Catalog of Recommended Pharmacies with a credible reputation.

Don’t engage in any form of self-medication. Always consult your doctor at all times. They are experts, therefore, will know what to do at any time. If you notice any side effect, please inform your doctor immediately. Don’t use a friend’s prescription or share yours with anyone. You can also get more information about how to use the drug by carefully reading the instructions written on the packet of the drug.