Legal Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that focuses on selling generic drugs. Its assortment of medicines is only limited to five (5) categories, unlike other online pharmacies which have a complete selection of drugs. The only available drug categories that it has are for ADHD meds, erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, pain relief, sleeping medication, and weight loss.

The year that Legal Online Pharmacy was created was back in 2015. Its website is simple and since it does not have that many pharmaceutical products available on its website, visitors can quickly breeze through all of its medicines which only number to 40 different brands. All of its products can be located in the front page and customers only need to scroll down to find what they are looking for. But the good thing about Legal Online Pharmacy is that it indicates its products that are already out of stock, avoiding the incident where customers will be paying for products that are not yet stocked, causing order problems.

In browsing on its site, visitors will notice that there is no About Us page available where buyers could’ve read more about its site and other important information. Its website is simple but a keen observer would notice that the interface of Legal Online Pharmacy’s webpage is crude. It’s not normal for an online pharmacy to have this kind of interface since operational and legitimate online pharmacies are meticulously created by IT professionals to appropriately represent the kind of medicines they are selling.

Can I Trust the Site

It is solely the customer’s discretion if they are going to trust Legal Online Pharmacy or not. But based on the observations made on its page, no testimonials or reviews page are also available for this site. This means that customers won’t be able to voice out their commendations or complaints on its page. This is one of the most important sections in an online pharmacy because it reflects a pharmacy site’s transparency, allowing visitors and other customers to read about the negative and the positive comments about its services or its products. If ever a customer is going to provide reviews for Legal Online Pharmacy, they can put them in an independent pharmacy reviews site for other customers to read.

Another important feature that’s missing from Legal Online Pharmacy is customer support. No customer service hotlines can be found on its page so there would be no way that they will be able to provide assistance to customers needing help with the products that they sell or the services that they offer. Customer service is the lifeblood of online pharmacies, not only discounts and freebies. Without a proper system for supporting customers, a pharmacy website would be dead and would appear that it doesn’t care about its customers who are patronizing its products. But even without hotlines or even chat lines for helping customers out, Legal Online Pharmacy still operates and has given two email addresses for clients to send mail to on its Contact Us page if ever they will be needing help. No assurances have been given to the customers regarding the quickness of the response that they will receive but they can detail all of their concerns in the mail that they will be sending and hope that they will receive a reply. Customer Reviews

Below are some of the reviews from customers who have tried purchasing from Legal Online Pharmacy but had a terrible experience. Since there is no review section on its website, these reviews were given by the customers at an independent pharmacy review site:


Legalonlinepharmacy Reviews

The first review was from a customer with an online name of “annieo”. He placed an order of medicines worth $150 and the amount was debited from his account after he finished his orders. To follow up on his purchases, he decided to send an email and voiced his concerns since it’s already been a while and he has yet to receive the meds that he has purchased. Sadly, he has received no response from the emails that he has sent and it became clear to him that he was scammed.

The next one is from an online customer whose name is “needtodo2014”, a customer who was fleeced with a total amount of $155 USD. What happened was he ordered some pills that he needs and was about to pay using his credit card but was instructed to use the Western Union money transfer services instead because the credit cards machine was down. Believing the instruction that he was provided, he wired the money to them and after weeks of waiting, no pills. The destination of the money that he sent was to Pakistan and it was already too late when he realized that it was it was all a scam. Reviews: Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

On its FAQ page, Legal Online Pharmacy claims to be a drugstore of Canadian origin saying that they’re located at Winnipeg, Canada but scam-checking sites say otherwise. The domain name of its site is traced to be operating not from Canada but from an entirely different location in the globe. It uses a different IP address to appear to be coming from the country that they’re claiming they’re from but Scam Adviser says that this site is high-risk and has a 0% trust rating.

Scam Adviser

Scam Adviser

The independent fraud-checking website LegitScript also agrees with the verdict of Scam Adviser that this site is a rogue website and is not a genuine online pharmacy. The full WHOIS record of Legal Online Pharmacy from LegitScript shows that it’s registered in a different country and was made using the servers of unreliable hosting sites. It would be wise to carefully consider everything before deciding to purchase from this site.


Based on the customer reviews at independent review sites and the ratings provided by valid fraud-checking sources, appears to have a very low score. Many of its customers accuse it of fraud and the ratings say that this site is not to be trusted. Many important elements are also missing from its website, making its appearance crude and suspicious. But in spite of all these warnings, it’s still up to the customers to decide whether they will purchase here or not. To stay on the safe side, check our TOP Pharmacies List recommended for the purchase drugs online.