Tramadol is a medication that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This drug works similarly to how opioids work, doing its work with the chemicals in the brain to change how the body responds to the sensations of pain. Tramadol is also known as an opioid analgesic that binds itself to the pain receptors and the nerve endings in the brain which blocks the transmission of pain signals throughout the body. Since this drug works like opioids do, Tramadol is one of the medicines that are commonly abused as many users get addicted to it. Since Tramadol is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, it does not put its users at the risk of developing stomach ulcers and intestinal bleeding.

This drug was first manufactured by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company who marketed Tramadol under the name Ultram back in 1993. This company is a pioneer in the development of medicines in the area of pain management and Tramadol was the product of their research and study in that field. Ortho-McNeil is now operating under Janssen Pharmaceutica which is owned by Johnson & Johnson.

Prescriptions are required from patients in order to purchase this drug and without valid prescriptions, Tramadol won’t be sold to customers. This is due to the growing number of cases of people abusing the drug. It was initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995 but due to the widespread misuse of Tramadol, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made the medicine a federally-controlled drug. But in some countries like Mexico, Tramadol is sold over the counter which allows buyers to get and use the drugs with no need for doctor consultation. It is an effective painkiller but due to its narcotic-like effects, the drug is often misused.

Tramadol Mexico Over the Counter

Unlike in the US and other countries where Tramadol purchase needs prescriptions and doctor recommendations, the Mexican government seems to allow the over-the-counter sale of the drug. As a result, many customers especially the ones from the US order their Tramadol from Mexico and have them shipped discreetly so they could pass through the customs without any questions.

Citra 100mg (Tramadol), manufactured from Mexico

Citra 100mg (Tramadol), manufactured from Mexico

There are no particular reasons as to why the over-the-counter sale of Tramadol is permitted in their country but the most likely reason to it is that there is a very small number of cases related to the abuse of the drug. Low frequency of Tramadol’s purchase is also a reason why the Mexican government has put no restrictions on  it like what the US government did.

Tramadol is not outlawed in the US but it was simply regulated since the drug is still effective for the treatment of patients needing relief from severe pain and inflammation that may have been caused by an underlying health condition or an injury. The certain restrictions that were imposed on the drug are to prevent the abuse of it which might initially feel good to the user but eventually leads to irreversible damages to the brain and the health in the long run.

The role of every country’s health agency is to protect its citizens from the dangerous effects of drug abuse and in the USA’s case, it was Tramadol. Since the number of cases regarding Tramadol abuse in Mexico is very low, the Mexican government sees no need to control the sale and distribution of the drug, thus, the reason for its lenient drug policies.

Generic Tramadol Mexico 100mg Price

Generic Tramadol Mexico 100mg Price

Here’s a sample price for a generic Tramadol brand from an online pharmacy based in Mexico. It is an extended release generic that’s at 100 mg dosage strength, 50 mg stronger than the original Tramadol brand. For 30 tablets, customers would be able to purchase it for $55 USD or $1.83 USD per pill. This generic Tramadol is indeed cheap since the Tramadol brand which has a smaller dosage of 50 mg is priced at almost $6 USD for just one tablet. But for the price of under $2 USD, customers can already buy a 100 mg generic which has a longer and stronger pain-relieving effect.

Mexican Tramadol White Capsules

The generic Tramadol manufactured in Mexico has the same white color as the Tramadol manufactured in the US. Some Mexican companies manufacture their Tramadol in other colors such as light tan and pink tablets but they are all the same since they contain the same active ingredients. The Mexican-produced Tramadol (generic) has the exact same effects of the US-manufactured Tramadol which helps patients with managing chronic pains and other types of physical pain from moderate to severe.

Tramadol 50mg Tablets (White)

Tramadol 50mg Tablets (White)

Tramadol is a drug which should only be used by people who are over 18 years of age. This drug should not be used for children as it could be fatal and result in death. Tramadol is taken orally and should only be taken once every 4 to 6 hours as needed for relieving pain. It can be taken with or without food. This medicine should not be taken in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended. This drug should be swallowed whole and not broken, chewed, or crushed. The intake of this drug is strictly through mouth and should not be made into a solution and used intravenously as this practice can lead to death.

Patients should inform their doctors of their complete medical history before starting on this medication as Tramadol might worsen or complicate the condition users with certain underlying health conditions. Side effects of Tramadol use include seizures, sexual dysfunctions, slow heart rate, shallow breathing, dizziness, nausea, headaches, tiredness, and constipation.

Mexican Tramadol 200mg

The strongest dose of Tramadol sold at the US pharmacies is 50 mg and it is the standard dose with no lower dosage strengths. The 50 mg strength of Tramadol is already potent enough to help its users manage the pain they are experiencing. On the other hand, Mexican-manufactured Tramadol has its strongest dose at 100 mg, double of what the standard dose is. It is the strongest dose that they have and is manufactured by a generic drugs company and there’s no Mexican-made Tramadol whose strength is 200 mg for just a single tablet. The users of this drug should follow their doctor’s advice regarding the amount of drug that they should take in a day to get well and to stay safe.


Mexican Tramadol is a generic drug which is a version of the American brand Ultram that was manufactured back in 1993. This drug is an opioid pain medicine that is used to treat pain that ranges from moderate to severe. Because of its narcotic-like effects, the sale of this drug has been regulated in the US due to a large number of cases involving its abuse and misuse. But in Mexico, the regulations for the sale of Tramadol is lenient due to the low cases of the drug’s misapplication. But in purchasing Tramadol online, customers should beware of fake and scammer-operated sites that sell counterfeit/expired medicines that could be fatal when used. For a safe online shopping experience, visit our recommended list of top online pharmacies.