Medicine prices are quite unregulated, especially the ones for brand name treatments from massive companies. While brand name medicines are highly effective for the medical conditions they are meant to treat, they are usually also very expensive.

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Companies manufacturing the pioneer medicines have exorbitant prices for their products in order to regain their losses from the development and manufacture of their products. Brand name medicines are steeply priced because the end price of these medicines typically includes the following considerations:

  • Royalty for the company
  • Years of research entailed by the product development
  • Manpower and fees
  • Clinical trials
  • Marketing
  • Legal fees
  • Manufacturing costs
  • Patent-related fees

The pioneer medicines can secure their positions in the market by getting exclusivity to market in certain countries. These market exclusivities are often allowed by the Food and Drug Administration to help the companies recoup their expenses. However, in some cases, brand companies are ruthless in extending their market exclusivities, paving the way to the delay of generic drug marketing in certain locations. This barrier in generic drug marketing may be lucrative for the pioneer drug makers but takes its toll on the consumer budget eventually.

Because of the intense prices for some brand name treatments, consumers are constantly in search of ways to mitigate their expenses. Whilst some resort to online pharmacies, some consumers look for discounts using web platforms like Good Rx, a website dedicated to helping consumers minimize drug costs by offering drug discounts whenever available.

What is Good Rx and How Does Good Rx Work?

Good Rx is a web platform aimed at helping consumers in the United States to get the best prices for their prescriptions. Contrary to what most may think, this platform is not an online store and it is not affiliated with any drug brand or pharmacy in the United States.

Good Rx blatantly stated that it is not a “Canadian Pharmacy”. However, it described its service as a platform that offers the “prices and unbiased coupon and discount information” for US-based pharmacies that are licensed and legitimate. In short, Good Rx offers discounts and coupons for renowned US drugstores or pharmacy chains—think Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and the like.

This platform freely offers its service to American consumers because of the following reasons:

  • Good Rx wants to help uninsured buyers get discounts for their medicines.

According to Good Rx, patients with no insurance pay utterly high prices for their medicines. Good Rx allows the patients to save as much as 80% in their drug costs by offering generic alternative options, discounts, special cards, and others.

  • Good Rx wants to inform buyers that the prices across US pharmacies are varied.

Consumers are unaware that the drug prices vary greatly from one store to another. Good Rx aims to help buyers become aware of the price differences and assist them in finding the best deals for the medicines they need.

  • Some co-pay prices may not be the lowest.

This platform aims to inform buyers with insurance that their co-pay may still be expensive. Good Rx presents more cost-effective options for consumers, insured or uninsured.

  • Buyers may not be informed that some of the brand name meds have recently become generics

Consumers may still be unaware that the brand name drugs have recently become generic medicines and insurance companies are still maintaining the high prices for the medicines, hence the buyers paying more. Good Rx helps buyers keep track of their medicine prices so they won’t end up paying more than they should.

Good Rx Discount Coupon: How can I get discounts from Good Rx?

To get discounts from Good Rx, just simply go to the website, search for the medicines you need, then print the corresponding coupons to avail of the discounts.

Consumers will find product prices arranged from lowest to highest when they search for a specific medication—take the Atorvastatin prices on the image below, for instance. Good Rx informs the consumers about the lowest prices available for the medicines they need; buyers can view the prices for their meds according to their source pharmacies:

Some Atorvastatin Prices for 30 tablets (40 mg)

Some Atorvastatin Prices for 30 tablets (40 mg)

According to the price information for Atorvastatin, buyers can purchase the medicines for as low as $7.84 for 30 tablets of the 40 mg tablet variant. Good Rx also shows the non-discounted prices for the same product on the same local pharmacy.

Discount Coupon from Good Rx

Discount Coupon from Good Rx

To avail of the low product prices, buyers are instructed to print the coupons they need for specific medicine purchases at specific local drugstores. They can just show the coupons to the specific drugstores when purchasing the meds (in this case, generic Atorvastatin), and that’s basically it.

Good Rx Discount Card

Good Rx Discount Card

For buyers who want to have constant discounts for their prescriptions, they can apply for the Good Rx free prescription or discount card. Website visitors are simply requested to fill in the details for the card, subscribe to the Good Rx Health Savings Newsletter, and wait for their free card in the mail.

Good Rx Drugs Prices

Good Rx is quite great at helping consumers save more in their drug costs by offering recent prices and discounts to buyers who need them. Consumers can save a lot by using Good Rx—just take a look at the example below:

Medicine Shoppe Price for Atorvastatin

Medicine Shoppe Price for Atorvastatin

As you can see, Good Rx is offering this 96% off coupon for 30 tablets of Atorvastatin for buyers of Medicine Shoppe. According to the price information above, buyers can save $208.43 for 30 tablets of Atorvastatin sold at the same Medicine Shoppe store.

Buyers can save on all of their medicines by using Good Rx, as long as their medicines are available at the store.


Good Rx is a good website buyers should try using especially if they are seeking to maximize their savings for specific products. However, presently, buyers in the United States are the only ones who can make use of this platform. International clients may be better off using online drugstores to save in their medicines—consumers can consider using our list of Top Online Pharmacies for a list of web drugstores reliable enough and with only genuine medicines.