For the Asthma patients it is really very essential to have only healthy diet so that probably the patients could avoid the problems of Asthma attack to them. Sometime a healthy diet can also prevent the symptoms related to Asthma in the bodies of the person. Here is given the list of those food items which are very essential to be taken appropriately for the patients suffering from the Asthma disease.

Food items to be included in the diet for asthma patients are given below.

Food items that should be avoided –the potatoes, lentils and rice are the type of food items which should be avoided completely in order to avoid the more severe problems related to Asthma. Smoking and coffee are the materials that should also be avoided to be taken among the patients. Sometime Asthma is also caused by chewing tobacco. The juice of various fruits or the cold drinks should also be completely avoided by the Asthma patients. The green vegetable should also be avoided.

Food items that should be taken – the Asthma patients are always supposed to take the proper amount of vegetables and fresh foods. Since the fresh food contains a high amount of antioxidants so they are the very beneficial things for all the Asthma patients. The dinner should be taken light for the patients. Large amount of water intake before and after meal is another must thing for the patients of Asthma.

Treatment of Asthma

The Asthma being a very chronic disease its early diagnosis and treatment is very important. For some patients the treatment can goes for long. In some chronic cases the patients might also have to wait for life long to cure the Asthma disease.

Below is given the ways to improve the life of Asthma patients if they are following these simple methods.

• Becoming a partner and following the guidelines given by the health care provider is one and the foremost step to feel better for all the Asthma patients. The patients should also follow the doctor as well as his staff’s recommendation.
• You can also use various other experts’ suggestion, education and the information related to Asthma to help you in caring it.
• Once you are aware of the various triggers of Asthma you should always do what you can do to avoid the Asthma generated problems
• Be always sure to follow all the recommendation given to you by the health care provider / doctor of you
• Make a schedule to your health care taker
• Report all changes in symptoms to the care taker
• Also report all the side effects of the treatment