Global Care Rx is a Canadian online pharmacy that started out in the business back in 2009, a much later time compared to its other Canadian pharmacy counterparts which were established years earlier. Nevertheless, Global Care Rx is an online pharmacy which is just as excellent as the best Canadian online drugstores when it comes to service and quality of products. Buyers basically have two options in ordering their meds at Global Care Rx. The first one is they could visit its site and find their needed meds using the search box provided on the topmost part of its webpage.

Unlike other Canadian online pharmacies that have a complete selection of drugs for the buyers to select from, Global Care Rx only provides the search box as the only option for finding medicines and nothing else. This somehow has a downside of limiting the options that the customers can search for to only the meds that they know since there are no categories or selections to browse from. The second option for ordering medicines at Global Care Rx is to phone its customer service hotline where the representatives will assist them in finding and purchasing the medicines that they need. This is a much easier option as the customer support personnel of Global Care Rx are well-trained and knowledgeable about its products and processes which are concerned with ordering medications. The number for customers to call is +1 888 487 3440, a toll-free hotline which all customers can call if they need assistance with ordering or if they have any questions or concerns related to Global Care Rx and its products.

Savings are also one of the best offers that Global Care Rx has. Compared to the local pharmacies, much savings can be had here as it offers prices which are at a staggering 90% lesser than the usual costs. Buyers can forget about the petty coupon discounts offered by local drugstores, Global Care Rx is the real deal. If customers will only be able to purchase a small quantity of their needed meds locally because of their expensive prices, Global Care Rx offers them the opportunity to buy enough supply of the meds they need while having a big amount of savings at the same time. Buying at Global Care Rx is a great advantage to the customers because the savings they get can be allotted to their other important needs, not just medicines. Purchasing at local pharmacies leaves them with very little money to spare plus the quantity of meds they buy will still be insufficient for their long-term use.

But just like the local pharmacies, buying from Global Care Rx requires customers to provide prescriptions for their prescription drugs before they are allowed to purchase. On one side, this appears to be a disadvantage because it will be an additional effort on the customer’s end to visit their doctors and pay professional fees for the prescriptions that will enable them to buy their prescription meds. But on the other side, it’s also a way for Global Care Rx to know that the customers buying their prescription drugs have undergone proper medical check-ups which merits them the use of their meds. Using prescription drugs without being first checked by a doctor could be dangerous or even fatal since these meds are only to be used by patients whose conditions have been thoroughly checked for compatibility with the drug.

Guest or anonymous purchases of meds are also not allowed at Global Care Rx. Each customer is required to sign in before they make any transactions with the online pharmacy. This measure is also for the benefit of the customers for them to keep track of their medicine purchases.

Is GlobalCareRx Legitimate?

Checking the site itself, Global Care Rx appear to be a legitimate pharmacy website because aside from the fact that its site has a professional design and appearance, it is a member to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA is an organization whose members are legitimately-operating Canadian pharmacies. Online pharmacies that bear its seal are guaranteed safe to visit because being a member of CIPA means that you’re a genuine online pharmacy as it’s an organization that fights the existence of scam and fraudulent “pharmacy” sites.

Pharmacy Checker and CIPA

Pharmacy Checker and CIPA

Not only is Global Care Rx a member of CIPA but it’s also a verified member of Pharmacy Checker, a US-based pharmacy ratings site that gives the customers only the best options when it comes to online drugstores.

Global Care Rx Website Phone Number

The number for customers to contact when they need assistance with anything about the site or its products is +1 888 487 3440. This number is both for the use of North American and international clients of Global Care Rx. Since buyers are required to provide prescriptions when they purchase their prescription medications, they can fax it to Global Care Rx’s fax number which is +1 888 886 5803. The operation hours of Global Care Rx are from 5 o’clock in the morning up until 12 o’clock midnight CST on weekdays and from 5 o’clock in the morning up until 8 o’clock CST in the evening during weekends.

Global Care Rx Address, Numbers, and Operating Hours

Global Care Rx Address, Numbers, and Operating Hours

For customers who would like to write to Global Care Rx, they can send their letters to its mailing address which is Global Care Rx, 7-B Pleasant Blvd, Suite 1083, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4T 1K2.

Canadian Pharmacy

There are lots of other Canadian pharmacies on the web and they are great sites to buy medicines from because of their cheap price offers. The quality of the meds they sell are also excellent and FDA-approved sourced only from the most trusted international pharma companies. Aside from these benefits, buyers can also enjoy the warm assistance provided by their excellent customer service personnel who are always ready to help.


Even though Global Care Rx lacks the feature of a categorized medicine selection, it makes up for the affordable prices of its products which is 90% cheaper than the prices offered by local pharmacies. It’s a pharmacy that the buyers can depend on since it is a member of a reliable organization, CIPA, and is approved by Pharmacy Checker, a US-based pharmacy ratings site. Shoppers can also check our top list of recommended providers for other great options.