Hair loss in women

If you too are a woman and you have the hair loss problem or whose hair are suddenly starts thinning and this process is rapid in you then you are suggested to not think that you are alone but there are many today who are suffering from the hair loss problems. Its reason may be somewhat less obvious among the women than among the men. But in most of the cases it is considered the almost most common and a much emotional as well as the devastating thing. The good news however is that in case if you have proactively tried to understand that why actually you are going to lose your hair and you also go through the suitable treatment then you are the person who is supposed to have at least the better chance to get or being able to prevent or in some cases stop also to your hairs from falling then than the men that generally have this problem for a long time.

First of all there is something about the normal process of hair loss is that the healthy women who is with the head full of the hair can also expect of losing almost 50-100 strands of hair for daily. So in case if you too are losing them more than the above stated rate or it just seems that hair that you lose are either not getting replaced or getting replaced and thinner as well as finer hair then you might have a little problem with your hairs.

Hair loss in men

Male patterns problem of baldness does usually affects around 30% of the total 30yearold men and the rest 50 per cent are to the 50yearold men. This is just a problem which occurs in a very distinct and separate way this is why sometimes can also affect the women too especially just after their menopause whenever their protection effect of the estrogen is lost to them. Hair sometime may also start disappearing from the temple and then from the crown of head also at any of the time. At the same time for a few men the process sometime also starts very early as the start of the late teenage years. However for most of the cases it happens in the late 20s or early 30s of them.

Hair loss in children

Hair loss among the children is not most common. Some of them can also easily recover from the problem without medication. There are many types of alopecia that can easily occur to children. In the treatment process it can sometime also takes the time of more than a year in complete recovery of it. This is why Childs are supposed to get free from the hair loss problems in their later life.