Buying medications from an online pharmacy is convenient as you will be able to buy at any time of the day or night. You will also be able to buy your medications at a lower price compared to the price of similar drugs in local pharmacies. However, there are precautions that need to be observed as not all websites that sell medications online are legitimate. Some are rogue pharmacies that are out to take advantage of those seeking to buy cheap medications online. The following are ways that will help you in knowing if a website is legitimate before buying drugs from them:

  • Check the content of the website: When you look at what is written on the website, you may notice that there are a lot of grammatical errors, broken English, or the text that has been displayed does not make sense. If you notice that you do not understand what has been written and the pictures that have been displayed do not fit in with the text, the website is most probably illegitimate.
  • Check the security details: Whenever you make an attempt to log into a website, you will be able to know if the website is secure or not. If there is a message showing that the connection is not secure, do not submit any private details as the possibility of having the information accessed by cybercriminals and your account hacked.
  • Check whether there are trust seals: A trust seal should be visible either on the homepage of the website or on the checkout page where every customer who is purchasing drugs will be able to see. You can click on the seals to see how secure the page is which will either give you the go-ahead to make your purchase or indicate that the page is not secure.
  • Contact details: A legitimate website should have a contact number through which you will be able to reach them. You should call the number to speak to and listen to what they have to say in regards to the services offered. If there is no contact number or the call goes unanswered, the website may not be legitimate.

Some of the Trust Tools for that Shows a Website is Legitimate

Fake Website Detector Tools

The following are tools that can be used to detect fake websites when shopping online:

  • Calling-ID: Some fake websites will make spoofed spam calls in order to lie to their clients regarding their location. This will be in an effort to defraud those seeking to buy cheap medications online. With the Calling-ID app, you will be able to capture all incoming and outgoing calls and know where the caller is located. Through this, it will be impossible for a fake website to deceive you.
  • Cloudmark: This is an app that provides security against receipt of spam messages from fake websites. Cloudmark will detect any malicious message and any other form of messaging abuse like phishing, ransomware or malware.
  • EarthLink toolbar: This is a tool that will alert you before logging into a website that is fake or suspicious.
  • eBay Account Guard: This tool is used to offer protection on eBay account information. If you try to log into a website, the color of the account guard will change according to how the website is. If the website is verified, the color will be green, if the website is fake, a red color will be indicated, and if the website cannot be identified, a grey color will be indicated.

Some of the other fake website detector tools include:

  • FirePhish
  • IE Phishing Filter
  • Netcraft
  • Reasonable Anti-Phishing
  • Sitehound
  • SpoofGuard
  • TrustWatch

How to Tell if an Online Store is Legit

Before buying from an online store, you need to find out if the site can be trusted to supply the products you are looking for and if they will safeguard the private information you will entrust to them during the purchase. Below are some of the ways you can tell if an online store is legit:

  • Customer reviews: By checking out the reviews from customers who have previously purchased from the store, you will be able to know the kind of business that the online pharmacy conducts. If most of the reviews are positive, you can also be assured that your transactions with them will be legitimate.
  • Prices: Though an online store should sell their products at a price that is lower than that of local pharmacies, do not allow yourself to be lured to buy from an online store whose price is too good to be true. Such sites will most probably sell fake or expired products that will not be of any benefit to you.
  • Contact details: a legit online pharmacy should have a phone number through which you will be able to reach their customer service team.

Some of the Bodies that Verifies Online Pharmacies

Some of the Bodies that Verifies Online Pharmacies

How to Know if a Website is Illegal

Before making any purchases, you will need to find out the legality of the website as this is the only way you can be assured that the transactions will go on without losing your money or putting your private details at risk.

A legal website should be easy to locate where is it being operated from, if a website is hiding its location, it could be illegal and, therefore, not safe to buy from.

An illegal website will have a connection that is not secure; information submitted to such a website will easily be accessed by other people who may use it to steal from you.

One of the Messages that Shows on a Fake Website

One of the Messages that Shows on a Fake Website


The safety of online purchase can only be assured if you buy from legitimate websites. If you have any doubts regarding a website or you are notified that the connection is not secure, do not buy from such a pharmacy as you will either lose your hard-earned cash or receive products that will not offer the help you needed from the purchase of the products. If you are buying medications from an online pharmacy, you should be careful so that you do not buy from fake websites. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies if you need help in choosing a reliable website to buy your medications from.