Medications Canada is an online pharmacy whose operations date back to the year 2002. On its almost 2 decades of service, has already served thousands of Americans, helping them with the expensive drug costs in the US. Medications Canada provides a wide selection of generic and brand name drugs for different kinds of health conditions and applications, all at friendly and easy to afford prices. On, only the most popular prescription and generic drugs are on the suggestions but customers can find whatever medicine that they need through the manual search. It has a search box on the top right part of its webpage. Customers can type the name of their meds, be it their brand names or their generic names, and the results will be displaying the ones that they are looking for.

Not only does Medication Canada cater to customers from the US but they also serve customers from the international community. Buyers from different countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and the rest of the world can place their orders at Medications Canada for affordable drugs. The savings that the customers will get in buying from them can be up to 90% of the amounts that they used to spend at local pharmacies, enabling them to buy more of their needed medication and still take home big savings. For medicine orders that will exceed $300 USD in amount, buyers can even get the shipping fees waived, having their orders delivered for free which is additional savings on their end. Medications Canada also has a customer referral program where customers who will be able to refer a friend would get an incentive of $15 off of their next order.

Before buyers are able to use Medications Canada’s site, they are required to register or sign up as customers since guest checkout is unavailable on their website. Customers should create an account and log in before they can add their medications to their virtual cart and check them out. Clients are very much welcome to call and ask for assistance from their customer support team which can be contacted through their toll-free hotline which is 1 866 481 5817. The customer representatives are always ready to help and answer the customer’s questions regarding Medications Canada’s products or its website. For international clients, it would be the same phone hotline to call but Medications Canada has an international fax number for international customers who would send their prescriptions. Its international fax number is 1 604 595 8942 while its toll-free fax line is 1 866 330 2410 for customers from North America.

Medications Canada Address and Hotlines

Medications Canada Address and Hotlines

For customers who are interested in visiting its office, Medications Canada’s physical address is Suite 551 – 102 17750 #10 Hwy, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V3S 1K4.

Medications Canada Operating Hours

Medications Canada Operating Hours

Its website does not operate round the clock but only operates from 6 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock in the evening on weekdays and from 7 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon on weekends, Pacific Standard Time.

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian pharmacies have greatly helped people from all over the world by making effective and affordable medications available on the internet. Americans are the number one customers of Canadian pharmacies and that is due to the fact that in America, medicines are so expensively priced that the customers are unable to buy sufficient amounts of the prescription drugs that they need even if they have hundreds of dollars with them. Patients with medical insurance in the US are not exempt since their insurances have yearly limits which are referred to as “donut holes” or coverage gaps. Once a patient reaches their yearly allowance of drug coverage, they’re going to have to buy their next supply of medications from their own pockets. But with the help of Canadian pharmacies, many Americans no longer have to rely on the prescription drug coverage that is offered by their Medicare or their other health insurance programs. Canadian pharmacies sell prescription drugs which are cheaper by 70% to 90% than the local pharmacy prices in the US. This is because they source medicines directly from GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies overseas where production and raw material costs are cheaper, making it possible for them to sell meds at equally low prices.

Canadian Drug Stores

Back in the day when pharmacies are not yet online, Canadian drugstores are already popular with the American customers. Prescription drugs are already expensive in the US back in the 80’s and the 90’s and what the Americans near the border do is they travel to Canadian drug stores just to buy their meds where it’s cheap. There were also state-sponsored field trips for the US seniors before, just for them to be able to get their meds at local Canadian drugstores. But Canadian drugstores can now be accessed through the internet and customers no longer have to cross the border for their cheap prescription drugs. They can now order from the comfort of their homes and have their meds delivered to their address to save their effort and their time.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Without

Prescriptions are a normal requirement that is asked by local pharmacies from customers before they are sold the prescription drugs that they need. Some online pharmacies also require their customers to provide prescriptions for prescription medications but some online drugstores no longer ask for it. This is to help their customers save money since doctor visits and professional medical advice have fees and it would also take a lot of the customer’s time. By requiring customers no prescriptions, these online pharmacies help their clients save extra money and spare them the hassle of sending prescriptions before they’re allowed to buy drugs.


Medications Canada is an online pharmacy website that helps its customers save money by making medications of great quality available at cheap costs. It has been in the business since 2002 and its operations continue to this date, providing high-quality brand-name and generic meds to the customers that need them. For other Canadian pharmacies like Medications Canada, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.