Canadian pharmacies have turned out to be the favored pharmacies by several US patients. This is because their drugs are much cheaper in price. As a US citizen, it is not necessarily legal to order drugs from Canada but the authorities won’t bother you as long as they are not narcotics and the quantity of the ordered are not more than 90 pills which is a supply of three months. The quantity shows that the order is for personal use and not for sale. Otherwise, you might have issues with the authorities. Though Canadian online pharmacies sell quality pharmaceutical products, the problem people tend to have is the fact that they do not know which Canadian online pharmacy can be trusted as there are several illegitimate online Canadian pharmacies today. So, in this article, we would be talking about one of the online Canadian pharmacies that you could trust and be relaxed while making your purchase from their website. This pharmacy is They are a top-notch pharmacy that has been in existence for a couple of years. This pharmacy is widely known for the sale of quality drugs and the maximum satisfaction of customers. Let’s go into a few more details about this pharmacy.

Is Northwest Pharmacy in Canada Legitimate?

One of the questions that are important to ask yourself before making a purchase from an online pharmacy is if the pharmacy is legitimate. As we have rightly said in the introduction to this article, There are several illegitimate Canadian pharmacies. These pharmacies hide under the good reputation of the legitimate Canadian pharmacies. So, is Northwest Pharmacy one of the legitimate Canadian pharmacies?

Northwest Pharmacy Homepage Image

From everything we see, the answer is a yes. If you go to their website, you would see that they are accredited by a number of agencies that ensure safe pharmacy practices. One of the accreditations is the Certified Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA is a Canadian association of licensed pharmacies. Any online pharmacy that has the CIPA seal on its website is a certified Canadian pharmacy and it could be trusted since it signifies that the pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy which engages in safe pharmaceutical practices because they are monitored by the association. Northwest Pharmacy has the CIPA seal on its website, thus, it is a licensed pharmacy that can be trusted and it is ultimately involved in safe pharmaceutical practices. One other good thing about CIPA pharmacies is that they sell drugs at a very affordable rate. Another accreditation that Northwest Pharmacy has that is worthy of note is the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). This is an association that is involved in the accreditation of legitimate online pharmacies only. So, you are certain that a pharmacy is legitimate when you see the IPABC seal on its website. Northwest has the IPABC seal on its website, thus, this further attests to the legitimacy of this pharmacy. Check out the images of the CIPA and IPABC seal below

image3 1CIPA and IPABC seal Images

CIPA and IPABC seal Images

Northwest Pharmacy Coupon

Though it is a known fact that Canadian pharmacies sell their drugs cheap and the CIPA pharmacies are also known to provide patients with affordable quality drugs, every pharmacy yet offers its customers some sort of discount with certain clauses. Virtually all pharmacies are involved in offering their customers various forms of discounts in order to attract more sales and also up the competition. Now, what are the some of the coupons? Check the images of some of the coupons below.

image4 2image5image2 1Coupon Images

Coupon Images

The first one involves getting $5 off the total purchases made by first time. The second one gives you the opportunity of saving $15 when you make purchases of $99 or more. You can also enjoy free shipping and get up to 70% off high-quality meds. You can also get $25 off your purchase plus free shipping when you make purchases of up to $399 or more. With these coupons, you have the opportunity to save and reduce your cost of purchasing high-quality meds. Consider them carefully and see which you could use to your advantage

Northwest Pharmacy Reviews Consumer Reports

Though Northwest Pharmacy appears to be a top-notch online pharmacy with quite an impressive reputation. Considering the fact that they are accredited by the respected Canadian associations says a lot about their reliability. However, to be sure, it is important that we consider the comments of customers who have made purchases on this site. Their experiences would give us a verdict on whether the pharmacy is worth a try or not. The customer reviews of Northwest Pharmacy are mostly positive. These reviews point to the fact that you can trust the website. Let us take a look at some of the independent reviews from customers. These comments are independent since they do not form the pharmacies website. Check a few below

image8image9Northwest Pharmacy Reviews

Northwest Pharmacy Reviews

From the comment of the first customer who goes by the name, Mark Szczepaniak appears to be content with the service rendered by Northwest Pharmacy. He tells us that his order earlier than he expected and the prices were good. The second customer Jim is also happy with their service He says “awesome service”highly recommend the site. The third customer Cindy Raymond Emily says her product arrived within the time expected. She also appears to be highly satisfied with the outcome of making a purchase from Northwest Pharmacy. There are several other positive comments about the website. No wonder it has become one of the foremost Canadian Pharmacies.


Purchasing drugs from Canadian online pharmacies are a great choice as they sell drugs relatively cheaper than most countries. However, the pharmacy you purchase from matters as there are several illegitimate sites that hide under the umbrella of the good reputation of legitimate Canadian pharmacies. is one of these legitimate pharmacies. It is approved by the relevant Canadian agencies and thus it is monitored and involved in safe practices. For recommended pharmacies, we implore you to check our top list of recommended pharmacies. We also implore you to beware of scammers as they are rampant online.