Brand: Power Pill 100

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories

Country of Manufacture: India

Power Pill 100 Package Image

Review and Description

Power Pill 100 is a drug that was developed as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual impotence. ED is often caused by different medical conditions that include high blood sugar, high cholesterol, cardiovascular conditions, and even psychological problems like stress or depression. Since these have grown rampant in the modern day, even younger people are affected by ED, making such medications that can treat them all the more sought-after by nearly all generations of males. Due to the increased potency of Power Pill compared to traditional medications, this drug has gained the attention of men looking for a stronger drug.

This medication is a member of a group of drugs that have been colloquially labeled as ‘generic Viagra.’ This is because of the fact that the meds are created using the same main ingredient called Sildenafil. Males familiar with Viagra will recognize Sildenafil as its generic form, which explains this designation. Sildenafil has been used for a great many different ED brands due to the way that it treats ED. It has the ability to widen or relax the blood vessels and in doing so increase the rate of circulation in all parts of the body. This will help make erections much easier to achieve as well as maintain, which is the main complaint about men with ED.

The company responsible for creating the Power Pill is called Centurion Laboratories, which founded and is now situated in India. This pharmaceutical company is not very well-known outside of its own country due to its minor sphere of influence and the scale of its operations. However, despite being a small company, the group has found success in the marketing of its ED pills and other pills such as anti-tuberculosis, anti-bacterial, and antipsychotic medications. In fact, the products are now being sold in a number of other countries with great success.

Customer Reviews

There are many people skeptical over the use and effectiveness of generic Viagra medications like Power Pill, as results and evidence are unavailable through the lack of reviews. Therefore, we can’t exactly recommend this to a great extent, and there are some other products out there that should take a look at first before diving into this one. However, many users are still willing to try this drug knowing that there is a possibility that they can treat their conditions to the same level of effectiveness that can be seen in brand Viagra but at a lower, more affordable Viagra.

However, if the pill does work for you, the reason for Power Pill’s effectiveness can be attributed to the ingredients that created the products. Sildenafil in itself has always been effective in getting rid of ED, so it can be assumed that Power Pill, having Sildenafil, will work just as well. Centurion Laboratories, Power Pill’s company, has been able to rise a cut above the rest and establish itself amongst the already large number of Sildenafil-based medications used by men around the world, so the quality of their production may also play a part in the potency.

Pricing and Dosage

When you talk about the dosage of Sildenafil products, you would usually find them in doses following multiples of 50mg, such as 50, 100, and perhaps even higher, in the case of Sildenafil tablets that have been mixed with other herbal ingredients. Power Pill, however, is usually only found in the 100mg tablet and taken in that formulation under the instruction of your doctor.

Great Prices for a Powerful Pill

Great Prices for a Powerful Pill

The prices of many Sildenafil medications, but in comparison to branded kinds of Sildenafil, such as Viagra, you can expect them to be of a much cheaper price, especially when you buy them off the internet. You can find a single pill of Viagra for a price of $30 or more on the normal market, while online it would cost about a third of that price. Power Pill, however, can be bought at a price of about $3 per pill, and this can actually decrease the more that you buy.

How to Buy Power Pill 100 Online

Power Pill is a fairly common commodity if you’re looking for it online. Otherwise, you would have less luck, since the medication is created in India. Online pharmacies have greater reach in the international market and usually have a much greater supply of products, which is why it is a good idea to buy from them. The price of Power Pill will amount to about $3 per pill if you go online. However, you should ensure going to a trustworthy vendors on our TOP Recommended Pharmacies List, such as PharmacyMall, in order to avoid scams and fake goods. You can even get yourself some great deals like discounts and free pills, and even a free shipping fee for products amounting to more than $200.

How to Use

Taking a Power Pill usually involves swallowing the tablet whole with a glass of water. Sildenafil’s effects are often affected by taking heavy meals or high-fat food, so it is typically not recommended that you eat before taking the drug. Users should be made aware that the medication should be taken at a time an hour before you engage in sexual intercourse and the like since it takes that amount of time for the drug to kick in. After which, they have a four-hour window at a minimum in order to perform any sexual activities before the effects fade away. If there is any confusion concerning the instructions, then you should take it up with your doctor.

Side Effects

Power Pill, being a Sildenafil drug, is known for having the following side effects when used too much: flu-like symptoms, such as nasal congestion and excessive sneezing, headaches, stomach pain, backaches, reddening or flushing of various upper body parts, nausea, and visual disturbances. Those who overdose may also experience heart attack-like symptoms such as severe chest pain, trouble breathing, and numbness. Painful and prolonged erections can also be expected if you take more than one dose.

Conclusion with Rating

Power Pill 100 is an ED medication that was formulated with Sildenafil citrate used as the main ingredient. It has several similarities to Viagra in both function and ingredients which has earned it a status as a generic Viagra medication, which also reflects the lowered price of the drug. Power Pill is able to improve the circulation of blood in the body through the mechanism of action of the main ingredient, which in turn improves the erections of the user. Centurion Laboratories has done a commendable job of developing the drug into something great that many men have been able to applaud. Hundreds are now getting their regular dose of this drug and it has drastically improved the way they enjoy sexual relations with their respective partners.

Because of the quality of the product as well as its ability to bring about its positive effects in treating ED while also having a lack of proper reviews, Power Pill is given a rating of 3 out of 5. To get the most out of taking this medication, you should ask your doctor about how to take it properly, as well as the prescription, which is needed for buying the drug, even if it is online. Be assured as a reader that this article was created as an honest attempt at reviewing Power Pill as an ED product.