There has always been a great risk of some unexpected and negative reactions when you will take any new medication either prescribed or not prescribed by the doctor.  And the same fact hold true in the year of 1960s for the purpose of side effects of using these birth control pills. The other side effects of using these pills are the occasional feeling of the nausea or the instance of the blurred vision or the weight gain were also in some cases par for the course. But it was the only few instances of the strokes and the blood clots which are supposed to begin to ring an alarm bells. This is one of the great and new innovationswhich are done basically to help women in order to prevent their pregnancy. But it was not much use for them because of the fact that it started harming to those women at the time when it was just supposed to help them.

This is the main reason which causes women to consider these birth control pills before their use that whether they are free from any kind of side effects or not. If they contain some more severe side effects then it is suggested not to use them. Researchers today have scrambled in order to discover the various reasons for these all negative reactions of the birth control pills. Soon the researchers learned the two very important things which are being discussed here.

The very first reason was that these pills drastically reduce the level of thehormone progesterone or if it replaces it with progestin then it instantlyincrease the risk of adverse effect also. But in some cases they also got to learn that one of the most severe and ill side effect of thesebirth co0ntrol pills do also had some of the connection to the fact that whether the women had ever smoked or not, does she had ever high blood pressure, or had some other problems like the cardiovascular problems. If she had ever have any of the such problems then she severely increases the risk of her getting pregnant or some other side effect like nausea even after the use of these birth control pills.

Today if you will consider various birth control pills then they might not differ at all in any other thing but the things which are needed to be considered while comparing them are their dosage and the content of them.

Heart stroke, heart attack and blood clotting are the other things which are the other side effects of using these birth control pills. Mood changes, irregular bleeding, headaches and the nausea are some of the most common side effects of using these birth control pills.